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The ‘Case’ for Law Firm IT Administrative Tracking

Technology investments should be closely managed to maximize the value delivered by a firm’s considerable investment in increasingly sophisticated tools. Why?

How 4 Channel Partners Made the Pivot to Cloud

Cloud computing is definitely top of mind for C-level executives. vCom’s Kris Shankar joined a panel of experts to discuss cloud and data center services in 2021.

Going Remote? Do It Right!

The process of choosing a UCaaS or CCaaS provider is an incredibly time-consuming task. Here’s a handy checklist to follow to make the transition a smooth one for your company.

Traditional TEM is Dead

Technology has changed drastically over the past 20 years. Gary Storm shares why “Traditional TEM is Dead” and how real insight into IT spend requires a shift in philosophy.

2021 Predictions for IT

With the wild ride of 2020 behind us (although early 2021 hasn’t exactly been uneventful), the obligatory look at what the year ahead provides an opportunity to show off our prognostication skills.

Three Ways to Expose Shadow IT

According to Gartner, it’s estimated that up to 50% of a company’s software application spend is made up of shadow IT. How does your company measure up?

Managing Spend Under the Dark Cloud of Shadow IT

The risk of losing track of IT spend is greater than ever. How can you gain control?