A Paperless Planet – Earth Day 2020

Today we celebrate 50 years of Earth Day, 24 hours dedicated to educating and reminding the world just how precious our Earth is. Currently, our society is facing a global pandemic that has seriously affected the way we live. This crisis is making us rethink our travel, our interactions, and our daily operations with each other. Let’s use this changing and evolving season to rethink how we interact with our planet as well.

We’ve seen the pictures: clear air over India; less smog in L.A.; empty highways. To be honest, one of the few benefit of this crisis has been a much needed break for Mother Earth.

vCom is proud to say we’ve been “Green” for years across our business practices—not just in the office but through our IT solutions as well.

It is not an exaggeration to say that most businesses deal with hundreds—if not thousands—of monthly invoices that take up too much time, space, and remove hundreds of trees from the earth. One of the green benefits of clients receive from migrating to vCom’s lifecycle management platform (in addition to all the “green” hard-dollar savings), is the digitization of paper invoices into clear, clean, and manageable cloud software data. With one click, you have instant visibility into current and previous billing. By migrating from paper invoices to digital formats you gain advanced reporting while ditching the piles of paper waste. With this new accessible visibility and reporting, it makes saving money on IT expenditures a lot easier to attain.

We use our own system within vCom (of course!) and as an organization we are committed to doing whatever we can to protect our environment and make smarter and greener business decisions. We are a proud certified member of the California Green Business Program. We live the values we preach by going paper free, using digital announcements and collateral, and have assembled a “Green Team” to ensure the best practices at our office headquarters.

Consider that the average harvested tree yields about 4,000 sheets of paper. (Source: EPA) Imagine how many trees would remain rooted in the ground supplying the oxygen that fuels this world if businesses moved away from paper invoicing completely.

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