How Automation Helps Drive Business Continuity

Automation and business continuity

Business continuity is an organization’s ability to ensure operations and core business functions are not severely impacted by a disaster or unplanned incident. It has become even more apparent how critical organizational resiliency is during a crisis like the one we are currently experiencing.  Business continuity reminds me of a left tackle in football: if you never hear […]

Water Cooler Calls

vCom Water Cooler Calls

Leadership is a wiggly concept. By that I mean it can be embodied and demonstrated in so many ways by just about anyone. My experience as a department head over the years is that true leadership isn’t necessarily illustrated through a finely crafted email or a well-delivered speech during a meeting to your team. The reality is much […]

Thoughts on the T-Mobile/Sprint Merger

The years of merger discussions between T-Mobile and Sprint look to finally be coming to fruition.  The outcome of that merger will result in drastic changes in the cellular competitive landscape in America. One challenge faced by the FCC in approving the merger was a reluctance to see that landscape shrink from four major carriers […]