Storm’s Top 8 Takeaways from SaaStr 2018

It was my first time at SaaStr last week and thought it was a fantastic show. I learned a ton we can use as we focus on getting our SaaS platform in the hands of more customers. Here are my top 8 takeaways from SaaStr 2018 for achieving our SaaS goals: Don’t focus on revenue, focus […]

Happy 10 Year Anniversary: Notes from the TEMIA Conference

Temia, Technology Expense Management Industry Association

This March 22 and 23, it was my pleasure to attend the 2016 Technology Expense Management Industry Association (TEMIA) conference in Orlando, Florida. As a proud member of TEMIA, vCom shares the association’s goal of improving solutions and sharing information within all the fields of Technology Expense Management. So it was great for me to […]

Strategic Investments in Telecom Management Yields Increased Shareholder Value

As published in the July/August issue of Western Banker, the official publication of Western Independent Banker’s Association by Gary Storm Increasing shareholder value can be a tricky endeavor. On the one hand, it can lead to short-sightedness and a focus on immediate benefit at the risk of long-term growth as management seeks to cut costs and […]