A flexible new Managed Pay experience is now LIVE in vManager!

Since its launch in 2020, adoption of vCom’s Managed Pay product has been tremendous. So many vCom customers have taken advantage of our ability to manage the payment of their invoices to both simplify and streamline the payment process. Always looking to improve, we asked our clients how we could make the service better and they responded. Now, significant new enhancements to Managed Pay are LIVE, enabling unparalleled flexibility into the way clients choose to pay, when they pay, what invoices they pay, and the amount they pay.

Since Managed Pay is integrated into vManager, clients can see and manage their entire IT Spend and associated payments from a single source of truth. While earlier iterations of Managed Pay were somewhat static with manual processes, the new enhancements allow clients tremendous flexibility and the ability to:

  • Create, customize, and apply funds requests
  • View, edit, and approve all funds requests within vManager
  • Dynamically change payment amounts and regenerate funds requests
  • Edit payment batches to add and remove invoices to be paid
  • Customize and edit batch file PDF templates
  • So much more!

What are the big changes?

There are two primary changes that take Managed Pay to a new level:

  1. Previously, funds requests processing was static. Any funds request that was generated could not be edited, which did not help customers who needed to make changes to who or how much was being paid in each batch. Now, clients’ Managed Pay funds request batches can be edited after generation. This means clients can dynamically decide to pay a different amount for any invoice. For instance, if there is a late fee or past due balance the client wants to include, they can adjust the payment amount and regenerate the funds request.
  2. Before today, vCom would set a schedule for each clients’ Managed Pay batches (the specific invoices and the amounts scheduled to be paid at specific times). Batches could be weekly, biweekly, etc. Any invoice not previously included in a batch could not be added for payment until the next file was generated. Now clients can now add new invoices to a previously scheduled batch or dynamically create a new funds request. For example, if an invoice comes in that requires immediate payment but a batch isn’t generating until Friday, the client can go into vManager and manually create a batch and process payment themselves.

All of this means that vCom Managed Pay customers now have a lot more flexibility in how they request payment of invoices. New customizations allow clients to pay their way and manage it all from the vManager platform.