Introducing POTS Management as a Service PMaaS

Introducing POTS Management as a Service (PMaaS)

Most organizations still have Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS): traditional, copper analog lines used for phones, faxing, elevator & alarm. POTS have been steadily displaced with other technologies but haven’t exactly vanished, yet their costs continue to rise, in some areas, as high as $1,200+. Most organizations pay their monthly POTS invoices without knowing what they have, how much those services cost, whether they’re paying market rates, or what their options are for migrating to newer technologies as carriers retire their copper-based networks.

Enter vCom! For 22 years, we have been helping businesses effectively manage technologies like POTS, leveraging a comprehensive management strategy we call POTS Management as a Service (PMaaS). POTS Management as a Service (PMaaS) is our unique and comprehensive strategy for managing all things POTS-related, combining the power of our award-winning cloud-based IT spend management platform, vManager™ with our full suite of Managed Services and our buyers’ club, QuantumShift™, to help customers optimize their inventory and IT spend.

POTS Management as a Service (PMaaS)
  1. Identify & seamlessly migrate the billing of existing POTS services to QuantumShift’s consolidated management – One invoice for ALL carriers nationwide.
  2. Work with our Account team to label each line to determine how it’s being used or needed.
  3. Transition outdated copper technology to new VoIP or LTE-based solutions and disconnect unneeded services to reduce cost

QuantumShift is the only partner in the market who can provide businesses access to traditional copper lines via an easy billing migration, while also offering a migration path to a slew of affordable POTS-replacement technologies from not one but multiple providers to match customers’ business needs for services they want to keep.