vManager June 2024 Product Updates

June 2024 vManager Product Updates

Customer Parent/Child Relationships

For corporate entities with subsidiaries that span multiple locations and want to maintain high-level corporate visibility into their distributed IT environment, you can now utilize vManager’s valuable business insights and centralized information like never before. This powerful new upgrade allows vCom to establish a multi-tier relationship between the corporate account and subsidiary accounts with their own locations, allowing for more visibility and better corporate management.

Once the vCom team establishes this parent/child relationship, each subsidiary location will have its own “child” vManager instance for their day-to-day needs, gaining all of the functions and tools across all nine modules of vManager. The associated corporate “parent” will be able to view all their “child” account information in two different ways: through a high-level report across all subsidiary locations or by accessing their individual vManager instances directly. This seamless integration eliminates the swivel chair effect, ensuring visibility when needed, without having to ask and borrow or create separate credentials.

The “child” account report for the established corporate “parent” includes details such as:

  • Open Orders
  • Trouble Tickets
  • Account Inquiries
  • Managed Inventory
  • Service Orders and Contracts up for Renewal

All of these can be organized by the location and are clickable for more details.

For access to even more thorough details, easily jump into the “child” location’s vManager instance by clicking on their name in the leftmost column. Everything is designed to be accessible and streamlined, providing franchise freedom with corporate clarity.

vManager June Product Release 2024

Corporate analytics view

Autopay Functionality for vCom Invoices

You can now enroll your vCom and QuantumShift invoices for autopay directly from vManager. This new feature streamlines your payment processes, allowing you to automate recurring payments with ease.

Navigate to the Invoices page ,and in the hamburger menu in the top right, and you will see the new “Setup Autopay” option. Simply enroll your vCom and QuantumShift accounts by checking the applicable boxes for the accounts you want to pay automatically each month. Finally, select who should receive payment notifications, and you’re all set.

Managing your vCom invoices has never been simpler thanks to the efficiency of autopay.

vManager June 2024 Product Updates

Autopay option in the Invoices hamburger menu

You can also set up alerts here by selecting who should receive notifications of payment for each account. Lastly, add your bank account information using the button in the bottom left. Once you are all set, you no longer have to worry about your vCom and QuantumShift invoices being paid on time.

vManager June 2024 Product Updates

Autopay management screen

Enhanced Self-Service and Visibility for Accounting Teams

Thanks to some new features and additions to our Accounts Payables Configuration tool, users are now able to self-service efficiencies such as establishing default charge allocation settings and creating and selecting templates for AP posting files. These features allow users to save tons of time by eliminating duplicate work and time waiting for the vCom team to support.

We’ve also provided a count of all invoices not yet configured in the top right of the AP Config main menu. Additionally, you can now add AP configuration names in the main grid that will show which carrier accounts are assigned to each without having to click into them. Simply click on the AP Configuration menu under the Accounting module and select +Add New AP from the hamburger menu options.

AP Config hamburger menu selection

On this page, you will see the same configuration options as before with the new additions of being able to check the Default Allocation box as well as the Template field. If you have an existing template, you can select it from the drop down menu or you can create a new template using the +Create Template link.

Clicking on this link takes you to the same AP File formatting options with the new ability to name the template. Once you hit save, the template is now available for you to select from the previous screen drop down menu.

Once everything is set up, you will now see the Configuration names in the main grid. Use the dropdown arrows to the left to view accounts assigned. The total count of carrier accounts that are not participating in any configuration in the top right will adjust as you assign them making sure you are aware of any that are left out.

You now have more control with better visibility!

All new customers will automatically default to using this upgraded AP Config menu. Any existing customers who are currently utilizing vManager for AP will be migrated over with support from their CSM. Reach out to your dedicated CSM for support if you have questions or would like to be prioritized for migration!

Mobile Device Purchases on Retail Carrier Contracts in Marketplace

You asked and we delivered! Thanks to feedback from our mobile customers who purchase on retail contracts, the Mobile Marketplace experience now supports ordering on retail contracts from vManager. In the My Marketplace, Mobile shopping options, after you select the device and details, a Purchase Under Contract checkbox as well as a Contract Term dropdown will appear.

This new update expands the purchasing options available in our tool while continuing to provide the same great ease of use and visibility!

Device selection screen

Please note, this is only applicable to the accounts/devices that you have configured with the vCom team for on retail contract shopping. Reach out to your vCom Mobile support team to set this up for your account.

Enhanced Capability with Mobile Change Orders

We’ve updated the Mobile device Change Add On order selection to now include the ability to update Service Attributes. To do this, drill into a specific mobile inventory item and navigate to the order options hamburger menu in the top right. From here you will now see the updated order type of Change Add On/Service Attributes.

With these new enhancements, vManager continues to evolve to meet your needs. Whether you’re a corporation managing franchise locations, leveraging our new autopayment tool, or benefiting from increased accounting configuration efficiencies and visibility, we’ve got you covered. Additionally, the ability to purchase mobile lines on retail contract terms and the expanded mobile change order capabilities provide you with greater flexibility and control.

For more information on past product releases and to provide feedback, please see your vCom Account team or explore our website.