Motion Industries Wins with QuantumShift

Motion Industries Wins With QuantumShift

Contributed by Jennifer Willamson & Heather Faison


Motion Industries is an industrial parts distributor that was introduced to QuantumShift with their acquisition of Kaman Distribution Group in 2022. With over 900 locations in North America that require an internet connection, one can imagine the stress of managing multiple carriers through sourcing, circuit installations, outage resolution, and invoice management.

QuantumShift became Motion’s preferred procurement partner and successfully consolidated its vendor engagements under one umbrella. From procure-to-pay, QuantumShift created a one-stop shop for Motion regardless of location and preferred carrier or technology. Aggregating the buying power of all of QuantumShift’s customers created an environment for Motion to find the right solution within its strict budget. Motion can review multiple technologies and carrier options without having to spend countless hours reaching out to multiple vendors —QuantumShift delivers it all wrapped in a Buyer’s Journey or via the seamless integration in vManager’s Marketplace, allowing for quick decision making, thus decreasing installation timelines by site.

While Motion is no stranger to the concept of Aggregation, they found QuantumShift to be different in all the best ways. Timely responses, ability to service remote locations, and top-tier operations management set QuantumShift apart from the competition. To quote Motion directly, “We love the aggregation and consolidation values and the ability to gain access to any vendor and technology through one partner and one invoice that QuantumShift provides us,” says Michael Perry, Motion’s Director of IT.

“With QuantumShift’s ability to consolidate all sites and carriers into one normalized invoice, Motion no longer has to manage payments, billing audits, or carrier jargon on hundreds of invoices,” says Heather Faison, QuantumShift’s VP of Operations. “We are thrilled to be providing a better network lifecycle management experience for Motion. Huge win!”