Telecom Order Management

Outsource Telecom and IT Order Management To Save Time

Order management is an essential part of successful operations, especially for telecom and IT providers. The order management process begins when a customer places an order and ends when they receive the order. Typically, order management includes verifying, tracking, billing, and fulfilling customer orders, but for telecom companies, this process can contain additional, complex steps involving different departments and partner providers.

Telecom and IT companies need to have accurate and speedy order management to bill customers efficiently and provide services quickly. Maintaining a complicated ordering system can be challenging, but using a reputable IT vendor could make this process easier for you. Below, you’ll find 10 reasons why outsourcing your telecom order management could benefit you.

1. Lower Operation Cost

Building an internal order management system can be expensive and time-consuming, depending on the size of your company and the services you want. An IT vendor that specializes in building management systems can help streamline this process, saving you money and letting you focus on your business. If your internal IT team currently handles the order management system, an outside source can help automate your processes, allowing your team the time to focus on new projects.

2. Minimize Order Fallout

Order fallout is a failure that occurs while an order processes. For example, after the customer inputs their information, an error can cause the transaction to fail. This failure can occur because of a network error or an internal data issue. If handled incorrectly, order fallout can lead to a lost sale and, potentially, a lost customer.

Effective order management can minimize the chance of order fallout by reducing system errors. By automating your processes and introducing redundancy, an external team can help improve your transactional accuracy. An experienced source can also create a system that detects and corrects errors if they do occur, minimizing fallout and maximizing your sales revenue.

3. Reduce Order-to-Cash Time

The order-to-cash (O2C) cycle refers to the time it takes your company to complete a customer order and receive funds, including both the order and expense management processes. For telecom companies, this involves receiving the order, providing the service, billing the customer, and receiving payment. Effective order management can help you get your services to your customers efficiently, reducing your O2C so you can receive funds quicker.

4. Improve Customer Satisfaction

For telecoms, speed is an essential part of customer satisfaction. When a new customer places an order for a communicating service, they often prefer quick service and setup. By streamlining your order management process and increasing your efficiency, you can help provide communication services faster, increasing your customers’ satisfaction. This may attract new customers and help you retain your existing ones.

If customers have an issue with an order, an order management system can track error tickets and complaints. This can help you resolve issues quickly, which may help your satisfaction rates. An outside vendor can manage this system, flagging issues automatically so you have more time to focus on your business.

5. Streamline New Service Launches

Order management can affect your ability to facilitate new product or service launches. If you have a clear, structured order management system, you may be able to introduce a new telecom service easier. An external company can help add your new service into your existing system quickly so you can focus on other important parts of your new launch.

6. Automate Order Life Cycle

Depending on the services you choose, outsourcing an order management system can help you automate your order life cycle. From verifying customers’ transactions, offering quotes, and scheduling services, automation can simplify your processes and save you time. Automation may also save you money, reduce your fallout, and improve your order-to-cash cycle time. If you’re currently using an internal form of automation, an external source may help streamline this into one efficient software or system.

7. Increase Visibility

Visibility, the ability to track and see real-time data, is an essential part of your tech’s success. Increasing visibility can help you identify errors and check order statuses quickly. An IT vendor can increase visibility throughout your entire order fulfillment system for you and your customers, which can improve accuracy in your services and increase customer satisfaction.

8. Get Support for Complicated Processes

An external order management provider can work with your internal team to review your system and processes. Together, you can create a more efficient system to reach your individual needs. While traditional order management involves inventory tracking and shipping, telecom order management can involve complicated steps like sending quotes and contacting partner organizations. When you outsource this service, you can connect with a team of experts who can provide support for these complex steps, helping you streamline your management into one system.

9. Automate Marketing Strategies

A telecom order management system can analyze and track customer data and may help automate your marketing strategies. Your order management provider can share real-time data you can use to reach your target audience. Some providers may also offer automated marketing tools as part of order management to help you further improve your reach.

10. Improved Scalability

Your order management system may work for your company’s current size and goals, but as your business grows, you may expand your services or the locations you service. An external provider can oversee your growth to ensure your management services function as your organization grows.

Final Thoughts on Telecom Order Management

As outlined above, outsourcing your order management could help your telecom company save time and money. By improving your order fulfillment efficiency, automating your order processes, and minimizing your fallout, you can help your company focus on growing its services and client base. An outside vendor can facilitate this process.

At vCom Solutions, we can help with all your operations management needs, from tracking daily changes to recording service deliveries. If you’re interested in learning more about our order management services, contact us online to discover how we can help you streamline your order process and system.