SD-WAN/SASE and QuantumShift: The Ideal Match?

Author: Mike Machi

The accelerating shift towards cloud-based platforms and SaaS applications, coupled with the exponential growth of affordable stable internet connectivity, has paved the way for SD-WAN/SASE solutions. These offerings provide a leap in flexibility, visibility, and application awareness across any Public IP connection while also simplifying ongoing management and minimizing connectivity cost.  Once an organization decides to implement SD-WAN/SASE, the first step is to identify a platform that best meets their requirements. Many companies work with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to help assess options and assist with design and implementation. This path often requires them to source and/or support the underlying WAN connectivity on their own.  A customer with a dozen nationwide locations can be faced with dealing with 10 different Internet Service providers to optimize cost and create redundancy, thereby dealing with multiple support teams and portals, multiple escalation lists, and multiple monthly invoices. For larger organizations, the challenge is even greater. Where QuantumShiftreally stands out is in the ability to support clients in ALL aspects of their SD-WAN/SASE projects, including WAN connectivity options regardless of technology and underlying carrier.

QuantumShift not only offers support with designing, sourcing and deploying solutions from the top 3 Leaders in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant SD-WAN (Cisco, Fortinet & VMware), but QuantumShift is also uniquely positioned to help clients source and manage their entire solution including WAN connectivity from Procurement through Payment! SD-WAN/SASE services are paired with Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), Cable Broadband, Fiber Broadband, or even LTE/4G/5G Wireless WAN from over 30 providers globally. This is all managed by a single project manager and implementation team, and delivered on a single invoice, with a single support number and platform.

Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too! You can have the best SD-WAN solution, all the benefits of a provider and technology-agnostic approach, and still have a simple way to manage it all effectively, with the right partner.

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