Copper services

What is Happening with the Retirement of Copper Services?

Carriers have been transitioning their networks off TDM and copper-based technologies for the past couple of years as they retire those networks in favor of newer technologies. As of August 2022, carriers are no longer required to support the outdated copper networks that once provided most telecom services nationwide. Copper services include not only POTS lines, but also legacy copper voice and data/Internet circuits. Think Local Circuits, DS-1-based Internet circuits, or copper-based Integrated Voice & Data Services. Many carriers including TPx, Windstream, Verizon, and AT&T have decommissioned copper services in many parts of the US. Several have chosen to sell off copper assets to newer industry players like Ziply and Brightspeed, and most carriers have started increasing rates on any remaining assets.  

Copper wire

Will these changes impact customers?

From alarm and elevator lines to legacy voice and Internet circuits, most companies have copper services in one form or another. Rural locations are more significantly impacted with fewer technology options. Businesses are feeling the impact in a few ways:

  • Increased rates – We have seen the likes of Lumen and Windstream increase pricing on a circuit from $400 to $2400.
  • Notices to replace services – We have seen carriers issue 90-day notices for circuit replacement, even knowing that alternative fiber-based solutions could take upwards of 120 days to get installed.
  • Lengthier implementation timelines to repair, service and support these legacy products.

QuantumShift can help!

QuantumShift can help audit, evaluate, source, implement, and provide ongoing support to eliminate the strain of replacing services.  Our team can help customers identify what copper services they have are used for and our experts can help make recommendations on replacing legacy solutions. 

Examples of areas where QuantumShift by vCom can assist are:

  • POTS replacement with LTE local lines from multiple providers
  • VoIP lines from multiple providers
  • e-Fax to address faxing needs
  • Cloud-based RCF
  • PRI and voice circuit replacement with VoIP/SIP underlying technologies
  • DSL, data/Internet replacement with fiber broadband, cable, fiber-based circuits, and WWAN

If you do not have POTS services currently managed by QuantumShift, we recommend you migrate them immediately, so we can help you develop a strategy to alleviate risk.


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