Discover the Path to TEM Success

Discover the path to TEM success

In our last post, 4 Key Differences Between Mid-Market IT Expense Management Vendors, we shared the key differences between IT expense vendors identified in Mid-Market TEM Vendor Landscape, a recent report by Blue Hill Research, an independent research and advisory firm focusing on the enterprise technology marketplace.

In this third and final post of the series, we discover two ways researchers recommend mid-market enterprises to fully maximize their investment in Technology Expense Management (TEM):

  1. Matching business technology strategy with TEM vendor

  2. Looking beyond traditional TEM functions for greater value-add

Matching business technology strategy with TEM vendor

Whether your technology strategy takes a project, software, or service based approach, it goes without saying the TEM vendor you choose should be able to support your full technology portfolio including IT assets, service, and support needs.

Findings show that in the mid-market, TEM vendors typically are limited to a narrow technology focus and don’t provide a seamless solution to manage technology spend across the entire organization.

At vCom, we recognize that our clients in the mid-market all have different needs depending on their specific technology investments and in-house requirements. While we recommend a complete lifecycle approach to IT expense management, to maximize the investment, we also strive to support the client’s preferred method. It’s not uncommon for companies to get started with managing expenses for just one or two of the core business technologies-wireline, mobile, collaboration, and cloud–then organically grow to manage the entire technology portfolio through vCom’s vSuite. For example, Abhow–a large provider of retirement home communities across the western US–started by converting POTS (plain old telephone service) lines, which led to replacing their entire MPLS network with low-cost cable services, internet services. They eventually moved all of their IT expenses into vCom’s platform including leveraging managed services.

“Initially, we started with just a couple of POTS lines with vCom to get the information into vManager and start using the tool to analyze our services. Immediately, we found success, and we found value savings, so we converted more lines, not just for billing, but also into the complete services.” 

– Brett Ortega, Community Tech Services Manager

Looking beyond traditional TEM functions for greater value-add

IT Leaders are under ongoing pressure to deliver technology systems that are expected to work flawlessly, be consistently available and increasingly agile, all while cutting costs. As they continue to build out their technology investments, more support will be needed for a wider range of capabilities and emerging technologies. Blue Hill finds that many mid-market TEM vendors offer unique and highly disparate services beyond traditional telecom expense management functions.

As a dedicated TEM industry pioneer, we’ve been supporting our customers and their evolving technology needs, for over 15 years. Our online shopping module, quote manager, bill pay and network monitoring and notification are some examples of services that we have added. IoT and mobile usage management are new models of how our state-of-the-art cloud-based platform and professional services solution continues to evolve, to support our customers with every aspect of the business of IT, now and into the future.

Summing it all up
, the paper highlights the vast differences between mid-market TEM vendors and their inventory, expense, and technical offerings. At the conclusion of the report, we were proud to be included as a recommended mid-market IT expense management vendor–alongside others–as part of Blue Hill’s guidance for businesses looking to solve their technology spend challenges in this fragmented industry.

We welcome your feedback and comments to this series. If you would like a free assessment of your IT expense landscape, vCom is here to help.

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