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What is toll fraud?

Toll fraud occurs when unauthorized persons gain access remotely to a company's telephone system to make long distance toll calls.

A number of vCom customers have recently been subject to Toll Fraud calls. These unauthorized outbound calls to international locations (including all international locations that utilize the North American Dialing Plan) are most likely placed via remote accessing of a Customer’s PBX or key system, where such equipment is located on the Customer’s premises, or by unauthorized access to customer lines where such lines are located on the Customer’s premises. The calls are identified by fraudulent calling patterns (during non-business hours, excessive calls in one night, etc.). The Customer is liable for all incurred usage charges, absent any negligent or wrongful act by vCom.

The carriers vCom manages have advised that a criminal ring appears to be targeting phone systems across the United States as of late. The perpetrators appear to be accessing either the phone system's Remote Access Device or dialing into the voice mail and then hacking to obtain an outside line.

Once notified of the fraud, vCom has worked with our customers' PBX vendors to ensure they are making the necessary adjustments on the phone equipment and programming to further secure it. Should you be interested, vCom can also offer Account Codes that require people to enter a specific code to make a Long Distance call. While this does not eliminate calls made via 1010XXX dialing (which can only be blocked on a vCom T1 circuit or higher), or calls placed by means of operator services, it will help in deterring perpetrators.


How do I protect my business from toll fraud?

  • Contact your PBX/phone system vendor to ensure you have reduced your risk of toll fraud.
  • Frequently change passwords and authorization codes used for remote access, voice messaging, administrative, and other purposes.
  • Use common toll fraud protection features with your long distance calling, such as secure account codes, authorization codes, and call blocking options.  Please contact your Client Relationship Manager for further information.

Most toll fraud occurs during vacation and year-end holiday seasons. Be sure to take these preventative steps during this time of the year.

To learn more about protecting your business from toll fraud, visit the FCC web site.


I received my first vCom bill and it seems higher than I projected. Why?

Since vCom bills all monthly recurring charges in advance, your first bill will be higher than normal. Billing begins on the installation date of services and will continue through the end of the next month.


Hide I'm interested in a toll-free number for my company. If I provide you with search criteria, can you look into something specific (e.g., 800-sell-home)?

Yes, we would be happy to search for you. Please contact your Client Relationship Manager with your search requirements.

Prevent Double Billing

We would like to make the transition of your telecommunication services from your previous carrier as convenient and smooth as possible. To ensure the billing portion of this process is completed, we ask that you please contact the billing department of your previous carrier(s) once your services are transferred to vCom’s management. Even though they may no longer be providing you service, it is best to confirm your previous carriers have stopped billing for services they no longer provide. This notice by you will prevent any continued billing, thereby preventing double billing errors.

Be sure to confirm all services have transitioned to vCom before cancelling service with your previous carrier. If in doubt, please engage your Client Relationship Manager.


Hide What is slamming?

Slamming is the term used to describe the changing of your long distance carrier to another provider without your knowledge or permission. In order to prevent your service from being slammed, vCom will work with your underlying local carrier to apply a PIC freeze. A long distance freeze indicates that no carrier changes can be made unless you authorize the change either by phone or in writing. If you believe you have been slammed, please contact vCom’s Technical Support Center immediately.


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