Millennials – Today’s Change-agents Influencing New Communication Style Norms

Communication Style

All this talk about how millennials impact the workforce of tomorrow is enough to make an IT administrator’s head spin when faced with accommodating their preferred communication styles.

With about 79.8M millennials, that are expected to make up 50% of the U.S. workforce by 2020 and 75% by 2025, keeping up with the demand of “how” they work, poses an ongoing IT challenge. From BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to now BYOP (Bring Your Own Platform) companies are now expected to stay current to ensure retention of socially-inclined tech-savvy talent. The 2017 worker values flexibility, wanting to work smarter leveraging user-friendly tools a.k.a. UCaaS. This requirement puts pressure on IT to be flexible and able to scale as workforce preferences change, making millennials the change-agents in workforce culture.

Just think, not so long ago, the only way to communicate was to call, email or text someone. Today we have access to a myriad of methods being explored in ways we could have never imagined such as sending a meme or emoji to emphasize a feeling in place of words. Who knew?

In the workplace, the adoption of new innovative ways to communicate has afforded businesses to improve their productivity exponentially–reducing the overall number of applications that were once needed to run a business. Industry leaders like vCom Solutions and RingCentral who offer all-in-one solutions are literally changing the game to empower staff to work smarter and reduce costs.

Working smart is what today’s workforce has evolved to expect–to work on the same documents in real-time, share huge files over IM without clogging up precious inbox space, host a video meeting with a click of the button and my personal favorite, keep all topic-based communication associated with the relevant project, thus reducing email.

So what’s the takeaway? Having modern communication and collaboration tools are the keystones to employee satisfaction, efficiency, and retention.

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