Happy 10 Year Anniversary: Notes from the TEMIA Conference

Temia, Technology Expense Management Industry Association

This March 22 and 23, it was my pleasure to attend the 2016 Technology Expense Management Industry Association (TEMIA) conference in Orlando, Florida. As a proud member of TEMIA, vCom shares the association’s goal of improving solutions and sharing information within all the fields of Technology Expense Management. So it was great for me to see the leaders of the industry come together to celebrate TEMIA’s 10-year anniversary.

When TEMIA was founded in 2006 there was no forum where experts in Technology Expense Management could share best practices – and businesses had not yet embraced what we do as a solution. Ten years later, it’s clear that many of the breakthroughs and successes enjoyed by vCom and our peers would not have been possible without the benefits provided by TEMIA.

Attending the conference gave me plenty of time to discuss vCom’s work for existing clients and fill people in on our innovative new offerings. I also had a chance to hear about new projects and emerging trends throughout the industry. I had the opportunity to meet with potential strategic partners, and offered advice to entrepreneurs looking to fund or expand their businesses. All these interactions will lead to exciting news for vCom and our clients, and I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted in the future.

The conference itself consisted of breakout sessions for both mobile and fixed telecommunications, as well as forums where industry leaders could identify topics of value within our field. It was fascinating to hear thoughts on the future from across the industry. I also attended discussions on TEMIA’S code of ethics, as well as a presentation reaffirming the organization’s purpose, core values, brand promises, and key initiatives. Finally, everyone congratulated Comview CEO John Perry, the newest inductee to the TEMIA Hall of Fame.

TEMIA 2016 was a great two days of networking and education. I returned to San Ramon with genuine excitement about our direction, and new ideas to follow up on. I’m already looking forward to the next conference this fall.

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