Part 1 of Telecom Management Best Practices Series

June 9, 2013

Throughout the year, vCom is hosting a Telecom Management Best Practices Series, which includes live webinar presentations and written executive briefings.

The first briefing in the series, focused on best practices in Sourcing, is now availabe on vCom’s website. In this paper, you will learn how to drive down communications costs while streamlining your telecom environment, by improving your sourcing processes.

It covers:

– The top challenges in telecom sourcing for mid-market companies
– Considerations in selecting the underlying carrier, including the key quality factors to evaluate
– Key provisions you need in every contract
– Practices of best-in-class organizations, and a proven formula for success

You will walk away with actionable items you can use to start improving your telecom sourcing . Click here to download the paper

Meet our management team

Audrey Bio image

Prior to joining vCom, Audrey was the Chief Marketing Officer of Energy Recovery Inc (NASDAQ: ERII) from 2012-2015 and its VP of Marketing, joining the company as a small start-up organization in 2005. During her tenure, she led the global marketing strategies, built a disruptive global brand by growing revenue 5-fold from $10M to $50M, increased market share from 20% to 90% and completed an IPO. Audrey positioned the company for further growth by uncovering new applications – taking the company from $50M to $5B worth of addressable markets. She has championed product development in cross-functional teams with R&D, engineering and production to successfully launch new products globally.

As a result of building a strong brand, communications and culture, her work received 4 global industry awards in single year by Institute of Engineering and Innovation (IET). She was also recognized as an Innovation Finalist of the Year. Audrey served as a Board member of a non-profit, developed and promoted STEM programs and led philanthropic efforts for low-income families. She holds an MBA from Pepperdine University and a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from Michigan State University.