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vCom People Helping People

Recent events around the world have upended so many aspects of our lives and businesses. People are panic buying toilet paper, eggs, and bread because of a fear of the unknown, and many businesses have had to scramble to stand up a remote workforce with very little time to plan or prepare.

During times like these everyone wants to do what they can to help others. vCom and some of our customers have been able to step up to the plate and make a positive impact.

We are fortunate to have partnerships with some incredible organizations in the healthcare field who are fighting on the front lines of this pandemic. They’ve had to shift strategies, ramp up bandwidth, and deploy resources they didn’t even know they needed just a few weeks ago.

vCom has done all we can to support those customers and to enable quick, creative solutions to the new problems they’re trying to solve. By leveraging our internal subject matter experts, as well as our strong vendor relationships, we’ve been able to help keep these organizations up and running while they provide essential services to those in need.

For example, one of our customers operates a large network of hospitals and clinics and sprang into action to set up Covid-19 testing stations at several of their locations.  To do so required reliable wireless internet access that could be deployed quickly. We were able to supply them with wireless SIM cards for their WWAN devices and get them activated and turned up within 24 hours, so they didn’t miss a beat in getting those vital testing stations online.

Another customer, a provider of mental health and wellness services, had an urgent need to increase bandwidth to ease the stress on their network as they enabled doctors and employees to work remotely using video and streaming applications. The services they provide are more important than ever, so it was essential to help them quickly increase bandwidth to continue serving their patients. vCom worked with our awesome carrier partners to quickly add bursting capability to some of their circuits and expedite bandwidth increases on others, allowing them to continue providing essential services during these trying times.

Many of our customers were caught off guard when it became necessary to have employees work from home. One bio-pharmaceutical industry client works on the forefront of discovering therapies and treatments for sick people. Normally, most of their employees work onsite in a large campus environment. When that was no longer possible, they had to quickly find new tools to support thousands of remote workers around the globe. vCom was able to help them quickly turn up new conferencing and collaboration services and work to schedule multiple large hosted event calls to enable communication to their entire organization.

Everyone at vCom is so proud to be partnered with organizations that are on the front lines helping those impacted by these unique and challenging circumstances.  We always aim to deliver value for our customers, and we’re committed to doing whatever we can to ensure they have the right tools and resources to navigate these uncertain times.

About The Author

Josh Kramer is the manager of vCom’s Network CARE team. He oversees a team dedicated to helping vCom customers with the ongoing management of their existing carrier services. Josh has been with vCom for 6 years, during which time he has focused primarily on Network services and Client Success. He is a passionate customer advocate who appreciates helping customers navigate difficult IT challenges and helping them bring increased shareholder value to their organizations.