Buyers' Club

Pre-negotiated rates available for all major vendors nationwide save our customers an average of 25% off their monthly communication cost

Do you really have time to negotiate pricing with dozens of IT vendors for every service?

Let vCom do it for you. When you become a member of the vCom Buyer’s Club you gain access to the power of aggregation, consolidation, and normalization.

Aggregated Buying Power

Take advantage of aggregated buying power similar or lower to what large enterprises pay. You get the benefit of the large discounts that vCom has already negotiated, securing the absolute best pricing and terms & conditions without the time-consuming legwork.

Invoice Consolidation and Normalization

vCom Buyer’s Club members save time and frustration with easy invoicing. We consolidate all your vendors into a single, accurate invoice. And we normalize every invoice with consistent, understandable language—no matter what the vendor calls a service—eliminating any inventory confusion and enabling you to accurately track and report on what you’re spending and where. Take advantage of all the time and financial savings the vCom Buyer’s Club has to offer.

We can almost certainly save you time and money. Schedule a demo to see how.

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