vManager 11.1 Release Notes

We are constantly working to improve your IT spend management, especially within our vManager software platform. So, here are a few recent enhancements, improvements, and fixes for an even better software experience.

Latest Features and Benefits


What’s New:

  • Bandwidth Utilization added to the Dashboard – the new Panel is customizable and viewable in the Dashboard module.
    Why is this good for you? If you signed up for our Monitoring and Notification (MNS) network services, you can quickly get a view of all usage across all locations.  Best of all, you’ll be able to see what those bandwidth bandits are eating up in warp speed (that’s if there’s any left!)
  • Wireless WAN (WWAN) Usage Report –for those using our WWAN solution to boost productivity and communications, you now get a usage report directly from vManager’s Analytics module.
    Why is this good for you? Your folks can monitor and manage their own WWAN usage. And best part, you can save lots of money by keeping those bandwidth costs in check!
  • Send AP Files via FTP Server – This new feature offers more convenience and efficiency to transfer multiple files, if you choose to use it (which we recommend since it’s so much easier!)
    Why is this good for you? Rather than having to send you multiple AP files by email, we can now schedule automated AP file transfers directly to your FTP server, bypassing the manual process of uploading files and giving it to you much faster.

What’s improved:

  • Customized Grid across entire platform – Organize and display information with grids in all parts of the Platform, not just the ones we created for you. See what you want and get rid of what you don’t! Don’t you wish everything was that easy?

What’s been fixed:

Detailed Release Notes

New Features

Bandwidth Utilization Added As A Portal To The Dashboard

For customers that leverage our MNS Service, they can now view bandwidth utilization directly from the Dashboard. You can see usage details of networks for quick reference. The chart can be drilled into to view utilization all the way down to individual circuits and usage by the hour.

To add the portal to the Dashboard, users simply need to select “Change Panel” from “…” icon as shown below:

Bandwidth 1

Upon selecting this option, a drop-down is displayed showing the available panels to select from, select the “Utilization” option to add the Bandwidth Utilization pane:

Bandwidth 2

After selecting the Utilization Panel, it will be displayed as shown below:

Bandwidth Utilization

As shown above, you can apply filters by Duration, Location, Service, Circuit & even Carrier.

WWAN (Wireless WAN ) Usage Report

The report shows data usage for each Wireless WAN line and users can even select different invoice dates to view past usage. This allows users to monitor and manage their WWAN usage all in one place.

To access the WWAN Usage report, select the “Reports” link from the Analytics module:

WWAN reporting

The Reports page will be displayed as shown below:





Click on the “View” link on the row where the WWAN Usage Report is listed.  The report will be displayed:


Users can change the Invoice Date drop-down to view previous Invoice data.

You can also export the chart to Excel by clicking on the Excel icon in the upper-right corner.


Send AP Files via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Server

We have added the to ability for customers to receive their AP files to an FTP server. Once this process is setup, your AP files will be deposited each month on the FTP server of your course.

Please contact your vCom Customer Success Manager to configure the setup for this feature.   



“Customize Grid” Added Across The Platform

We’ve added the “Customize Grid” feature to all grids in vManager. Users can select the Sort Order, change Column Order, change Column Width, chose which Columns to display and even Group By columns.

For example: In the Invoice module you can now customize how the columns are displayed by changing the sort order, the width of each column, move columns and determine which columns are displayed.

Here is a glimpse from the updated Invoice grid:

vManager 11.1 Release Notes

“Click on the “Show/Hide Columns” drop-down to choose which columns to display:

vManager 11.1 Release Notes

Click on any column header to sort by that Column (Ascending / Descending), apply a filter, resize a column or change Column order by dragging and dropping Columns. When done, click the Save  button and the grid will be saved in that layout.”



Duplicate Location Prevention In Shop / Buy Module

We noticed that some customers were having duplicate locations listed in the Location Module. We realized after some research that this was because they were Shopping in vManager and instead of selecting from the list of existing locations, they were entering new ones that already existed.

Because we didn’t have a mechanism in place to let the user know that the location was already in vManager, users were not notified that they were creating a duplicate.

We’ve solved that now by searching while users type in the “Address 1” field when adding a new Location.

When users click on the “Add New Address” link in a Shop in vManager they are presented with the following screen:

vManager 11.1 Location Fix

Once you start typing an address number into the field Address 1, the system will search to see if a matching address is found, as below:

vManager 11.1 Release Notes - Location Fix

Note the system found 2 active locations and with “101” in the Address 1 field. Users can simply select one of the existing addresses to use that address.

To continue entering a new location, simply enter the new address and click the Save button.