Synergy by Association Endorses vCom’s IT Lifecycle Management Spend Software and Services for Banking Industry

Synergy by Association

June 19, 2018 – The Oregon Bankers Association (OBA), through its wholly‐owned subsidiary Synergy by Association (Synergy), has endorsed vCom to bring IT spend management software and managed services to the banking industry. vCom’s unique approach to IT lifecycle management from procure-to-pay was vetted by Synergy’s Emerging Technology Committee and approved by the Synergy Board of Directors. The partnership between Synergy, OBA and vCom will help inform, advise and promote technology solutions that will benefit banking IT leaders.

Banks, like other institutions, are challenged with managing complex and evolving technologies, and escalating IT costs with limited resources. vCom’s vManager software helps banks manage their IT spend for networks, mobile, hardware, cloud and collaboration technologies in a single platform to increase visibility, productivity and profitability. Leading banks in the Pacific Northwest, such as Riverview Community Bank and Bank of the Pacific, along with others, have optimized their return on IT investments by using vCom. The launch to the Oregon Bankers Association will be the first of many as Synergy brings this solution to state bankers associations across the nation.

“vCom is proving to be a valuable technology partner. They helped me audit our existing telecom services and contracts in order to identify overpriced, and in some cases unnecessary, telecom services,” stated Craig Heimuller, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Redding Bank of Commerce. Heimuller, who is also a Synergy board member, added, “vCom acts as our telecom trusted advisor, billing consolidator, contract negotiator, and project manager. Our account team at vCom has partnered with us to re-engineer our data and voice networks to consolidate carriers, reduce complexity, improve performance, and save us money. vCom is my single point of contact in dealing with multiple telecom carriers. They consolidate multiple carrier invoices into a single, easy to digest invoice. vCom has helped us save well over 25% in annual operating expenses and several hours every month on accounts payable. I highly recommend them and wish I had partnered with them years ago.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Synergy to educate the financial services industry and deliver real cost savings. This relationship is the beginning of a national effort to partner with additional state bankers associations and their members,” stated vCom’s Chief Revenue Officer Joe Condy.

vManager provides enterprise-wide visibility into IT spend across a wide variety of technologies including SD-WAN, IoT, Unified Communications and Cloud services, among others. The company is leading the charge for greater control and management of IT spend for mid-sized enterprises. Explore vManager’s new features.

Synergy by Association

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