Choosing a platform for Technology Expense Management

TEM can save the average company millions a year

A Fortune 500 company can save $10s of millions a year. 

To find those savings, a company must first choose the best TEM solution for them.

Vendors offer a range of products and services, from pure-play software companies to consultancies. Some specialize in mobile expenses exclusively; others address almost any form of network communication.

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vCom Solutions is the leading IT management platform.

Types of vendors

vCom is a hybrid model

vCom provides both a best in class software platform as well as an expert team for professional services.

vCom’s expert services are available to all customers at no extra charge.
Professional Services In this model, a team of experienced consultants acts as your representative to conduct carrier negotiations to maximize your rate savings. They perform telecom benchmarking, invoice auditing, and other key services that save money.

Software-only In this model, your organization licenses either an on-premise software solution or subscribes to a SaaS solution.This offers an expense profile that is largely predictable but requires a certain level of expertise within your organization to derive the maximum value.

Hybrid A blend of professional services and software, subsidized by the savings generated through carrier negotiations and aggregated purchasing power.

What to look for in a TEM solution


A central database of vendor contracts and communication assets (networks, lines, circuits, and so on),


Software that receives all invoices from carriers, and examines those invoices for errors and to see if they are consistent with the contracts


An auditing capability as part of the solution to see an entire network and how it’s tied together


Consolidation of all invoices and bill payments into a single system, removing fragmentation across locations and vendors


Identify bills that contain errors or do not conform to contract terms.


Analytics to break out detailed data on use of telecom services within individual business units.

Negotiating from strength

vCom uses their inventory of services broken down by location to aid in negotiation.

Carriers bid on specific packages of services, and the company can take advantage of the additional competition to lower prices.

Manage future expenses

After wrangling existing spend, companies should next turn to negotiating new contracts to lock in future savings.

To do this effectively requires domain expertise. Subject matter experts can help write RFPs, renegotiate existing contracts and find the optimal mix of new contracts and vendors for a particular enterprise.

About TEM software

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How vCom is different

Invoice management is just the beginning. vCom  centralizes and streamlines all aspects of IT vendor management.

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