Why vCOM? Centralize and automate all IT vendor interactions

RFPs, vendor selection, contract negotiation, orders, changes, trouble tickets, contracts, invoices, support...

IT has to juggle a lot.

vCom connects assets, vendors, and expenses. Complete IT management that saves time, saves money, and deepens insight.

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How to choose an IT management platform.

On average, organizations use more than 10 vendors for a single project

According to a 2016 study by the CIO Executive Council. The study also found that 71% of IT leaders spend up to half their total budget on external vendors, forcing IT to take on a deeper understanding of contracts, SLAs, finance, and technologies. 

Only vCom contralizes and streamlines vendor interaction across locations and technologies.

Solution Design

vCom has experts to assist in understanding where different technologies fit best with your needs. What’s the strategy for designing your technology architecture?


vCom has more than two decades experience in procurement to help you determine what vendor best meets your needs.

Contract Management

vCom helps negotiate price and terms, giving you peace of mind that you have negotiated the best terms and conditions.

Order Management

vCom centralizes the order process across vendors, makes sure the vendor is doing as promised and that the asset works correctly.

Asset Management

vCom tracks and centralizes every asset across locations and vendors, delivers insight into who is using what and where, and ensures you are not billed for retired assets.

Service and Support

vCom provides a single interface to file a trouble ticket across all assets, and provides real time status on every one of them.

Invoice Management

vCom is a full featured technology expense management platform, delivering all the fundamental invoice management features


vCom automatically allocates costs to the right cost center and manages against your budget.


A detailed, customized dashboard tells you how it is all working, and where there are areas for optimization

About TEM software

If you’re not familiar with telecom expense management, start here for a high level overview. 

How to choose a TEM provider

Here are high level considerations to keep in mind when selecting a TEM provider. Find the best vendor for you.

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