This Land is Our Land

To quote from the folksong by Woody Guthrie, “This Land is Our Land.” At vCom we take that seriously and know that every contribution we can make to help make this a greener, healthier planet is important.

Reduce Paper Consumption

According to Aberdeen Group, the average Fortune 500 company processes over 15,000 telecom-related bills per year, and midmarket enterprises process 3,000 telecom-related bills per year. With many of these companies still opting to review paper invoices, this means millions of pages each year. By opting for electronic invoices and consolidating their bills, enterprises can dramatically reduce the amount of paper they use each year. All vCom customers receive electronic invoices that provide both a high level summary and categorized breakdowns of their telecom spend. This allows them to quickly and easily see their spend across various carriers and services.

Additionally, by using a telecom management solution to manage their telecom, they gain increased visibility into their telecom environment, and logging into the platform gives them access to reporting and business intelligence that can help drive significant cost savings.

Replenish the Environment

We know that paper use is still unavoidable, but we can help replenish the environment by planting trees. At vCom Solutions, we’ve partnered with American Forests Global ReLeaf program, “Venture Fire Interplant” to reforest 98 acres of California’s Lassen National Forest. To celebrate Earth Day this year, we’ll be planting a new tree for each of our customers. This is part of a program we’ve run for 4 years: with each new customer we sign, we plant a tree, and we also plant one lieu of sending paper holiday cards to our customers. Since last Earth Day, we’ve planted almost 700 trees.

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