Total IT Lifecycle Management 9 Point Series

IT Lifecycle Management

IT Lifecycle Management 9-Point Series

IT Lifecycle Management From Procure-to-Pay

In this nine-part series our experts will share insights on game-changing technology lifecycle management practices for IT, operations, and finance to set your business up for success.

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  • IT Planning
  • Technology Architecture Design
  • Vendor Scorecard
  • RFP Management


  • Online Shopping Experience
  • Price/Product Benchmarking
  • Quote Management
  • Service Order Workflow
Planning and Procurement Contract Management


  • Contract Negotiations/Review
  • Aggregated Buying Power
  • Contract Approval Workflow
  • Document Center


  • Order Workflow
  • Project Management
  • Carrier Management
  • Testing & Deployment
Asset Management


  • Carrier Service Inventory
  • Hardware Management
  • Customized Technical Attributes
  • Inventory Reconciliation
Contract Management


  • Help Desk / Tech Support / NOC
  • Moves / Adds / Changes / Disconnects
  • Vendor Management & Trouble Shooting
  • Managed Network Services (MNS)
Invoice Management


  • Centralized and Normalized
  • Consolidated Billing
  • Invoice Workflow
  • Bill Pay
  • Invoice Audit & Dispute


  • GL Coding
  • AP Posting File
  • Cost Allocation
  • Budget Management


  • Report Library
  • Trend Analysis
  • Dashboard / Metrics
  • Utilization
  • Optimization

Today’s IT leaders are much more than quant jocks or techie geeks – they are business leaders who are taking organizations to new levels of cost savings, productivity and transparency without jeopardizing quality, security or privacy. Join us in our journey over the next nine weeks to hear about the nine ways you can accomplish total IT lifecycle bliss.

IT and finance departments have a lot on their plate–tasked with keeping expenses under control while managing loads of different technologies–from telecom, network and mobile to advanced systems like cloud infrastructure, IoT and collaboration tools. All of these interlinked systems take up time and require specialized technical skills and tools to manage. And while some enterprises have large departments with hefty budgets, bets are that the current tools they’re using to manage their technology lifecycle aren’t robust enough to see them through from procure-to-pay. Most don’t even know what they’re missing.
IT Lifecycle Management starts with the IT roadmap
Technology is everywhere. Unfortunately, it can create more complexity for organizations regardless of expertise or size. The top problems we hear are:

  • Too many technologies to master and manage from SD-WAN and mobility to UCaaS and cloudfor IT teams
  • Lack of visibility into IT inventory and spendfor IT operations teams
  • No automation for allocating costs to internal systemsfor financial teams
  • Lack of actionable insights from lots of datafor executive management

These challenges are universal, transcending industries. So what to do about it?
For starters, IT leaders would benefit from approaching the problem in its entirety rather than with piecemeal solutions. There is a model that has proven successful for the past 15+ years for some of the world’s notable firms, including EA, Stanford Hospitals, GardaWorld, Duane Morris, and Biogen to name a few. That model is IT Lifecycle Management as a Service.

By empowering enterprises to look at the total life of an IT asset, businesses can improve their productivity and bottom line; from IT planning and procurement to operations and financial management. A managed IT services discipline encompasses nine key components to make it a true Technology Lifecycle Management solution, leveraging one software platform to manage it all.

  • IT Planning & Procurement
  • Operations Management
  • Expense Management

In this nine-part series over the course of nine weeks, our experts will educate, entice and share their combined insights on game-changing IT lifecycle management practices. We will explain the concepts so that any non-technical reader will leave with a clear understanding of the hottest trends from SD-WAN to IoT and more. And if you’re technical, we can also geek out with you. Expect to hear about design & sourcing advice, online IT shopping, aggregated buying power, network monitoring, help desk, consolidated billing, budget management and more. We will shed light on how to ditch the days when IT spend was calculated on a spreadsheet or hidden in stacks of paper or emails.


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