vCom 2020 Employee Summit: A Celebration

vCom Employee Summit 2020

vCom Employee SummitHenry Ford said, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

The annual vCom Solutions Employee Summit is that belief in action.

Each year, the coast-to-coast vCom family gathers in one place to share and celebrate our successes and collectively understand where we are as a company, talk about where we are going, and strategize the best way to get there.

This year’s dynamic afternoon session featured collaborative cross-functional and department breakout sessions focusing on the company goal of customer engagement, empowering the individual growth of vCom team members, and fueling company growth. It was—to select a few of the words used to describe the event—informative, engaging, transparent, optimistic, and energizing!

The evening was spent celebrating each other: proudly showcasing the individuals who have achieved outstanding milestones and performed to the highest of vCom’s standard of excellence. As a team, we wholeheartedly believe that celebrating our co-workers empowers them to greatness and inspires them to find joy and fulfillment through their efforts.

The awards began by recognizing the team members who successfully completed the 5-session vCom Ambassador Class series on the essentials of vCom culture. We recognized our 5th Anniversary celebrants with an award marking their career milestone. Following that, 38 recipients of our President’s Club, Chairman’s Club, Ambassador’s Club, and 10-year anniversary inductees were named. Each carried away an award and a trip to Club vCom: a 3-day Napa getaway hosted by the Executive team. Lastly, our 15-year Anniversary celebrants were treated to testimonials from their long-time colleagues and a well-earned one-month sabbatical.

Celebrating the success of each and every member of the vCom team for creating value for our customers (#valueCreators) is what we do. It’s why we consistently receive the honor of being on multiple Best Places to Work lists and why our employees are highly engaged and passionate about the positive impact they make.

Kudos to all our award winners and to a great 2020 Employee Summit!


vCom Ambassador Graduates

Graduates successfully complete five classes focused on vCom history, core behaviors and culture, recognition programs, philanthropy and volunteering, and career growth. Congratulations to:

  • Kitrina Baumgartner
  • Amber Beres
  • Belinda Castillo
  • Danielle Comerford
  • Natalie Doran
  • Ben Dresher
  • Robyn Gawron
  • Ashley Hedblom
  • Josh Kramer
  • Ashley Lee
  • Chris Miller
  • Malene Renane
  • Randy Sullivan
  • Sharon Villareal

5-Year Anniversary

Congratulations to the latest crop of the #vCommunity to make it to the watershed 5-year mark! The fact that people decide to make vCom their career home for so many years gives credence to our thriving culture and inclusive values system. Congratulations to:

  • Amber Beres – “The Ultimate Team Player”
  • Colleen Burns – “Top POTS sales on Network CSM team”
  • Lester Espinoza – “Customers specially request him”
  • Angie Finley – “Amazingly flexible supporting the team and customers”
  • Shari Gross – “A true customer champion”
  • Beth Miller – “A model of consistent effort and production”
  • Amy Slack – “Brings positive energy and passion to every situation”
  • Nick Webb – “Developed many long-lasting customer relationships”

10-Year Anniversary

A decade is a long time “when you’ve only got 100 years to live”. Spending that decade helping to build the infrastructure, the teams, and the company we are today deserves recognition and a trip to Club vCom! Congratulations to: 

  • Stephanie Simonds – “The Queen of Metrics” 

15-Year Anniversary

In these days of job hopping, being able to celebrate the achievements of employees that have trusted and valued vCom for 15 years is an amazing accomplishment. vCom happily invites our 15-year veterans to take a month-long sabbatical to enjoy the fruits of their labors. We have valued their time for the last 15 years…why not value it a little more! Congratulations to:

  • Kendis Pitelka – “The life of the party”
  • Kim Sykes – “Positive & passionate about everything she does” 

President’s Club

This year’s celebration of sales account managers who have met or exceeded their revenue goal includes the following well-deserved winners:

  • Paul Connaker
  • Molly French
  • Brandon Hampton
  • Bob Hansen
  • Conor Kirkpatrick
  • Andrew Marshall
  • Beth Miller
  • Miranda Ruane
  • Robb Sala
  • Kris Shankar
  • Amy Slack
  • Jennifer Stark
  • David Wareikis

Ambassador’s Club

A unique aspect of vCom’s Rewards & Recognition Program is our Ambassador Awards. Ambassadors are nominated by their peers and the employee with the most nominations becomes that quarter’s Ambassador, receiving a monetary prize and an invitation to Club vCom. Congratulations to:

  • Josh Dupaix
  • Robyn Gawron
  • Marley Hudson
  • Nick Webb

Chairman’s Club

Honorees in this category are chosen by the Executive team for their commitment to vCom, our culture, and the values they display every day. Each employee chosen exemplifies vCom’s core values of Vulnerability, Transparency, and Authenticity, and embodies our core behaviors. Congratulations to:

  • Manav Babbar – Curiosity Award
  • Bob Barnes – Impact Award
  • Jenna Brown – Secret Weapon Award
  • Natalie Doran – Impact Award
  • Andrew Freitas – Rookie of the Year Award
  • Shari Gross – Curiosity Award
  • Tanya Hedges – Curiosity Award
  • Josh Kramer – Team Player Award
  • Malene Renane – Manager with No Team Award
  • Brie Peters – Manager of the Year Award

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