vCom Attends Comptel PLUS Fall 2014

Several vCom team members attended Comptel PLUS Fall 2014 in Dallas, Texas this week. One of industry’s largest events, it brings together communications companies, their supplier partners, and vendors for networking and education. The vCom team attending include Sameer Hilal, COO, Karen Weller, VP of Corporate Development, Heather Faison, VP of Carrier Operations, and Bob Barnes, VP of Sales Operations. vCom attends Comptel’s biannual conference to learn about industry trends and to develop carrier relationships that help us provide a better experience for our customers.

Thomas Wheeler, the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), was a featured keynote speaker. He talked about the importance of competition in driving business growth and the FCC’s staunch support of legislation that supports competition.

Some key industry themes that we heard throughout the conference and that impact our customers include

  • Carrier consolidation: Three major mergers are in process (Level 3 / TW Telecom; Comcast / Time Warner Cable; and Global Capacity / MegaPath). Anytime there is carrier consolidation, the impact on customers can be tremendous during the resulting integration of people, systems, processes, and technologies. vCom’s professional services team shields our customers from this potential nightmare by effectively managing those carriers through every aspect of the telecom lifecycle.
  • Carrier technology migration: The telecom industry is constantly evolving and changing, which has led to driving a migration from a TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) environment to an IP (Internet Protocol) infrastructure. Our vCom team is staying abreast of these transitions in order to be prepared to discuss the new technologies with customers when they are ready for the migration.
  • Bandwidth investments: Increasing production and adoption of new technologies and applications with higher bandwidth needs means the demand for bandwidth is continuing to rise. Carriers are in turn continuing to make significant investments in expanding their networks and augmenting bandwidth, while also designing new and cost-effective products.  We’re learning about various customer options and the available products and pricing that best suit individual business needs.

As we met with various carriers, the theme of our meetings was how we can improve processes around sales, sales engineering, service delivery, and support in order to provide our customers with a better experience and make it easier to do business on the telecom side.

Additionally, we’ve met with several vendors to discuss automation and e-bonding, both from the quoting and provisioning fronts. Automation and carrier e-bonding – which were discussed and well-received at our 2014 Customer Summit – should help create efficiencies that translate to a continuously improved customer experience.

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