vCom Client Earns $15,000 Bonus for Cost Savings Results

vCom was so excited to learn that we helped one of our clients, a Network Administrator for Riverview Community Bank in Vancouver Washington, earn a $15,000 bonus!  A year ago, vCom started working with Riverview Bank to manage and ultimately reduce their telecom spend (to the tune of $150,000 in annual savings). Riverview passed on 10% of the savings directly to their employee who initiated our engagement.

The bonus was part of Riverview’s innovative “Bright Ideas Rewards Program,” which rewards employee solutions that save the bank money. Judged by an employee-led committee, the program awards the employee who came up with the solution 10% of the annual savings achieved.

Founded on a desire to see success in its community, Riverview has been providing sound financial support for more than 86 years.

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