vCom: Excellence in Everything We Do


Excellence in Everything We Do

It is always with pleasure to announce good news! We are thrilled to receive the Best In Class Award for a website in the Telecommunications category from the Interactive Media Council  which recognizes and rewards companies who have the highest standards of excellence in website design and development.

When we launched the new site and tag line – we manage what you shoudn’t – earlier this year, we had no idea it would have improved so much as to receive such an honorable award. It was a fine site before, but today, it’s so much better. You may be wondering why we did it in the first place?  The purpose for doing so was three-fold; we wanted to:

  • Improve customer experience
  • Communicate the value of technology lifecycle management
  • Educate our vertical markets

Technology expense management is a new category to many enterprises. It requires a lot of creativity, clarity and education to communicate it well. We wanted to generate awareness and to develop a powerful platform to launch new products and services. With this new format, we’re on the right track and getting closer to reaching our organizational objectives. Thanks to a team of bright and creative people from Comrade, a digital agency based in Oakland, CA, we partnered to develop a messaging platform and total website redesign. The result was an elegant and useful resource for our customers and employees.

At vCom, we’re always thinking about the future of our industry and our clients’ unmet needs. We’re committed to revolutionizing technology management and to pursuing excellence in everything we do. We hope you follow us through our journey.

“The award recognizes the hard work that went in to crafting a great experience that communicates our story clearly and effectively in a beautiful way.”

Gary Storm,CEO & Co-Founder, vCom

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