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vCom team members stepped back into the classroom at Live Oak Elementary School in San Ramon, California. Carina Hayek, Josh Kramer, Anna Reynoso, Mike Petrosyan, Ashley Lee, Kevin Villas, Zach Solitto, and Jonathan Cohen and his wife Rachel Cohen took on eight third grade classes teach the students about “Our City.” During the days’ activities, the students learned about the zones in a city and Mr. Abi, city planner, whose name is a mnemonic device for the different zones. They also learned about consumers and producers, goods and services, and the different ways money is exchanged. Activities included building a city, modeling a restaurant, and balancing their accounts.

It was a great day for adults and children alike, as both got to change up their daily routines. The vCom team members benefitted from sharing the children’s enthusiasm and experiencing the rewards that come from interacting with kids.