vCom Rebrands and Expands Lifecycle Management Offering, Launching vSuite

June 4, 2015


vCom Solutions Inc., the premier provider of Telecom Management as a Service (TMaaS™), today announced the rebranding of its communications lifecycle management offering and the launch of vSuite, an integrated solution suite for total communications lifecycle management encompassing solutions for fixed, mobile, and collaboration services. vSuite enables enterprises to effectively and efficiently manage their telecommunications environments while providing visibility, control, optimization, and improved management of those assets.

The vSuite solutions – vFixed, vMobile, and vConnect – are delivered by vCom’s professional services team of experts who have an 8-year customer satisfaction track record of over 90%; and powered by vCom’s award-winning vManager software. vManager, vCom’s proprietary cloud-based software solution, is accessible to clients via desktop and mobile devices and provides on-demand insight, ticketing, and customized reporting.

“With vSuite, vCom continues to revolutionize how the communications lifecycle is managed,” says Gary Storm, President and CEO of vCom Solutions. “Through our cloud-based software and comprehensive professional services for fixed, mobile, and collaboration communications, we empower our clients via these new solution lines to continue their focus on growing their businesses, all the while knowing that their communications needs support their goals and growth.”

Enterprises are constantly challenged with managing multiple carriers; hundreds – or even thousands – of invoices; and the ever increasing cost of communications. Additionally, they continue to struggle with tighter budgets and limited resources. Communications lifecycle management touches multiple areas of an organization, including sales, marketing, finance, technology, and even human resources. By offloading all carrier, invoice, and inventory management for their communications environments to vCom, enterprises relieve their teams of related time and resource drains. Furthermore, employees and executives gain access to their communications infrastructure and management via vManager which provides dashboards and business intelligence with insights to help them make strategic decisions.

  • vFixed (Wireline Lifecycle Management) is vCom’s flagship solution set, focused on eliminating the challenges of wireline inventory, carrier, and invoice management for its clients while reducing costs and resource drain.
  • vMobile (Mobile Lifecycle Management) is an expansion of vCom’s existing mobility management offering. It relieves Finance and IT teams from the growing burden of managing mobile devices and plans. This comprehensive offering provides clients with scalable procurement, change management, charge allocation, and plan optimization solutions for the enterprise.
  • vConnect (Collaboration Lifecycle Management) is vCom’s most recent solution offering, providing complete conferencing and collaboration solutions management . From managing basic audio or web conferencing, to designing and optimizing an enterprise-wide unified communications strategy, this new solution line enables the effective management of collaboration assets, expenses, usage, and analytics.
  • By selecting any or all of these solutions, enterprises proactively take control of their communications environments to address current and future communications needs and gain critical insight, control, and management. All three solutions are available immediately.

    About vCom Solutions
    vCom Solutions revolutionizes the way enterprises manage their entire communications lifecycle. vCom customers gain control over inventory, expenses and carrier relationships, achieving better business intelligence that drives profitability. vCom’s communications lifecycle management solution, vSuite, is an integrated offering for managing fixed, mobile and collaboration technologies, leveraging on-demand cloud-based telecom management software tools, complemented by a full portfolio of professional services.

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