vCom Solutions Celebrates 100% Satisfaction for vManager and 6th Year of +94% Customer Satisfaction


Excellent customer service and a premier software solution factored into customers’ high satisfaction levels with vCom’s Telecom Management as a Service (TMaaS) solution. For the sixth consecutive year of conducting the survey, vCom scored over 90% overall customer satisfaction. vManager, their proprietary cloud-based software solution, achieved 100% customer satisfaction; and the account team rated 98% satisfaction based on responsiveness, knowledge, and contact frequency.

Key Findings

  • Professional services satisfaction rated 98% among respondents
  • 98% of respondents felt their account teams were responsive and knowledgeable
  • Top professional services needs identified were service and sourcing and procurement
  • vManager software achieved 100% customer satisfaction among vCom’s client base
  • The top three reasons for accessing the software were

  • Review telecom inventory
  • Review dashboard highlighting account activity, spend optimization, and services
  • Access invoices and accounts payable reports
  • 73% of respondents identified managing, controlling, and reducing telecom spend as their primary telecom management concern
  • “While savings continue to be a driver for customers making the decision to seek out a telecom management solution, we’re finding that professional services and access to data via our vManager software is what keeps our customers satisfied and engaged,” said Jenifer Frey, Vice President of Customer Experience at vCom Solutions. “We’ve focused a lot of resources on building the best technology, implementing the best processes, all supported by our dedicated, experienced team of telecom experts, and the results are evidenced by our survey.”

    vCom remains dedicated to providing the best possible solution and experience for their customers, continuously soliciting feedback, making enhancements to vManager, and recently launching vManager Mobile 2.0 for iOS and Android devices.

    About vCom Solutions
    vCom Solutions revolutionizes the way enterprises manage their entire communications lifecycle. vCom customers gain control over inventory, expenses and carrier relationships, achieving better business intelligence that drives profitability. vCom’s communications lifecycle management solution, vSuite, is an integrated offering for managing fixed, mobile and collaboration technologies, leveraging on-demand cloud-based telecom management software tools, complemented by a full portfolio of professional services.

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