vCom Solutions Employee Awards 2019

Lights, camera, action! Those are
definitely some words used by our very own COO Sameer as he prepared for this
year’s Employee Summit Awards ceremony. This year, our employees got to watch
the presentation in high style at The Lot in San Ramon, CA. It might have been
a mixture of the fresh popcorn, fuzzy blankets, comfy lounge chairs, wine on
request, or even watching some priceless dance moves on the big screen that
made this Employee Summit unforgettable. 

vCom Solutions is proud to dedicate
an entire evening to celebrating their employees. We celebrate our employees to
empower them in our organization, and to show them how much we value their hard
work and creative thinking. We want our employees to find joy and fulfillment
within our organization.

On top of treating our employees to
chef-driven menus, craft beverages and plush recliner chairs, we also invite
our Ambassador’s Club winners, President’s Club winners, and Chairman’s Club
winners to a 3-day getaway called Club vCom, hosted by our Executive Team. We
invite our winners to relax, unwind, and get to know our executives on a more
personal level. Club vCom 2019 will be hosted in beautiful Carmel-by-the-Sea.
As an extra bonus, this year vCom is extending the invitation to every winner’s
significant other…free getaway in Carmel with a loved one?! Sign me up!

President’s Club

We honor our tireless sales team with the President’s Club,
a celebration of sales account managers who have met or exceeded their revenue
goal. These employees help drive top and bottom line growth to the
organization. And vCom is honored to have these “hunters” as part of the

This year, we are celebrating the accomplishments of Anna
Reynoso, Beth Miller, Bob Barnes, Bob Hansen, Evan Stewart, Kris Shankar,
Jennifer Stark, Liz Carroll, Miranda Ruane & Rich Zirk and welcome them to
the President’s Club with open arms. This team hit it out of the park with
their sales goals and brought in 44 new customers.

Ambassador’s Club

A very special and unique aspect of vCom’s Rewards & Recognition Program is our Ambassador Awards. Ambassadors are nominated by their peers and the employee with the most nominations becomes that quarter’s Ambassador, receiving a monetary prize and an invitation to Club vCom.

Our awards winners this year are
Liz Carroll, Ashley Lee, Victoria Rubio, Robyn Gawron, Cassandra Allen &
Angie Finley. All of these hard-working employees have demonstrated outstanding
behavior and have really gone above and beyond to make a positive impact on
their teams and the organization. We encourage our employees to utilize our
Ambassador Awards system to motivate and inspire new leaders to emerge. Welcome
to Club vCom, ladies!

vCom Ambassador's Club 2019

Chairman’s Club

This special category of winners is
chosen for their commitment to vCom, our culture, and our values they display
every day. Chairman’s Club winners are selected by our Executive Team who has
witnessed growth in the winner’s professional career as well as their personal
achievements. This year, we added more categories to reach all areas of our

Our first winner, Belinda Castillo,
was chosen for her problem-solving Curiosity.
She pushes herself daily to be more valuable to vCom. Ben Dresher was awarded TA of the Year for outstanding
performance in his department and willingness to go the extra step. Bhanu
Anukonda was also chosen for his exceptional Curiosity. Bhanu regularly pushes himself to learn and evolve as a
team player. Colleen Burns was awarded CSM
of the Year
to acknowledge the level of dedication and hard work she places
into every move she makes.

Heather Faison received the coveted
VP of the Year for always believing
in her team and motivating her employees to be better than they think they can
be. Jason Morris was selected as Manager
of the Year
for not only his commitment to his team, but also for his
resilient attitude on even the toughest days. The new addition of Rookie of the Year was awarded to
Kitrina Baumgartner for jumping in with both feet and always being someone on
whom her team can rely. 

Kim Sykes was selected for her Impact on the whole organization. Kim tirelessly develops new content that influences everyone from finance all the way to recruiting. The final Curiosity award went to Mike Machi, who makes educated adjustments and changes that elevate his value. Our last Chairman’s Club award winner was Stephanie Simonds who was awarded the Judgment value as she takes problem solving to the root cause.

Thank you to all our winners – you truly embody what vCom is all about and we look forward to celebrating with you in Carmel!

Anniversary Club, 5 Year Recognition

vCom loves celebrating our employees that have “been around
the block.” We are proud to have a culture and value system so “spot-on” that
people decide to make vCom their career home. Below is the list of our 5 Year
award winners:

Bob Barnes: Valuable
member of the leadership team, challenges status quo at vCom, consummate team
player who is always willing to take on new and difficult projects.

Danielle Comerford:
Successfully supports our great customers Garda, Biogen, Bioverativ, ON
Semiconductor.  She has an inquisitive
mind – always displaying “Curiosity”!!

Frank Homes: He’s
been an integral player on the Mobile team, known for his incredibly positive
attitude, & manages some very, large complex customers:  Pape,
Katerra, HumanGood.

Ashley Lee:Started as a Project Coordinator and
has worked her way to Lead IPM, implemented
some of our largest projects including FPI MPLS, Garda MPLS/DIA/SDWAN/MNS
Advanced and manages our largest customer, Stanford.

Josh Kramer: Tremendous
team player, multiple years at Club
vCom, effectively manages Biogen,
Garda and TriCo, promoted to Manager of Network CSM team.

Brie Peters: Her
value to the mobile team continues to be beyond measure. There is no one with
the depth and breadth of knowledge across everything mobile like Brie. She is
always willing to give of her very limited and valuable time to whoever needs

Jennifer Stark:
She is the ultimate professional that has passion for not only vCom but her
profession, an incredible team player and has a positive impact our culture
most importantly, we love her enthusiasm for vCom and the impact we can make on
our customers.

Rekha Venuthurupalli:
She has built a great team, is focused on serving her customers (us), and
believes in building the culture we all want.

Kevin Villa:
Primary Data Provisioner for most carriers and provisioned many major projects
for customers like Pape, Biogen, Trico and Stanford. He is also a sports
fanatic and current reigning vCom Poker Champion.

Mary Yerkes: Our
resident POTs guru. She is so persistent with the carriers and never gives up
until accomplishing her goal, always has such a positive attitude, and
approaches challenges with a smile.

Anniversary Club, 15 year

This category is very special for
vCom. To be an organization that even has a category of employees that have
trusted and valued vCom for 15 years is an amazing accomplishment. We are so proud
of our entire team and even more grateful to have loyal employees. We invite
our 15 year anniversary employees to take a month long sabbatical. We have
valued their time for the last 15 years…why not value it a little more!

Adam Shawley: Had
been Channel Manager at QuantumShift (QS) in 2003, joined vCom to lead
Technology and Software Development in 20014. He helped design, architect and
launch iPath in 2006 & vManager 2007. He also brought us Viki and supported
Manav with IT infrastructure management. Adam is great at brainstorming and “thinking
outside the box”.

: Former QuantumShift Employee, Born & raised in Romania,
not far from the infamous “Count Dracula” castle. He is the original
Developer behind iPath & vManager. Often he was quoted as “It can’t be done.”
Then 5 mintues later: “OK, it’s done!”

Ivy Lee: Started
as Finance Manager just weeks before the QuantumShift acquisition. She has been
a consistent loyal employee from day one, always willing to help and learn new
things. Ivy runs many of our most successful departments, incredible Tenure on
her team…she must be doing something right! She continues to take on new

Jenna Brown: Joined vCom in
2004 as part of QS acquisition, has managed Regulatory & Compliance for 15
years, and helped reduce audit liabilities by hundreds of thousands of dollars.
In 2018, she took on Contract Management, negotiated away $90K in liabilities.
She’s always eager to collaborate with the sales team to facilitate closing

Jennine Sison: Came to vCom
part time from QuantumShift acquisition; dedicated and loyal – refuses to go on
PTO without working on the bill cycle (ok that’s not entirely a choice we have
given her), constantly striving to improve billing processes through automation.
 She’s so smart, that she is unofficially
an IT department groupie, quintessential team player.

Judeith Chin: Came to vCom
part time from QuantumShift acquisition, collector extraordinaire, 15-year
track record of DSO’s being under 30 days, bankruptcy guru (has helped see us
through many client bankruptcies), firm but kind approach (despite being teased
as being the vCom bulldog), awesome team player, compassionate and generous
spirit, opens her home to help others in times of crisis.

Renee Clifford: Came to vCom
as our Office Manager, moved on to RA because she loved spending all afternoon
auditing carrier invoices with Gary and Sameer. She is expert at Carrier
Billings and all the exciting challenges they pose. Renee has disputed and
recovered millions of dollars in carrier credits over the years.

Earlier, we mentioned the dance moves, the food, and the fuzzy blankets (but seriously, so fuzzy) that made this Employee Summit so unforgettable. The truth is, our employees are what made this award ceremony so amazing. From award-winning new hires to the seasoned veterans, vCom could not be more proud of the people on our team. We are so thankful for every person that dedicates their day to helping to make our organization as successful as we can be.

Cheers to a legendary Employee Summit Awards Ceremony!

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