vCom Solutions Ranked in Bay Area Best Places to Work for Seventh Year

In its first year in a new size class, vCom Solutions reached #11 out of 25 in the Bay Area Best Places to Work published by the San Francisco Business Times. vCom grew 36% over the past year, qualifying it in this year’s survey for the small company category with 51-100 employees.

“We are incredibly proud of this accomplishment,” says Isabel Klint, VP Human Resources. “Our business has been growing quickly, and while we are excited about that, we were concerned about what it might do to our culture. We know that maintaining a positive culture while allowing for growth and evolution can be difficult. We’ve worked hard to maintain our employee-centric culture by being selective in our recruiting, reinforcing our corporate mission and values, and creating programs to help support engagement and collaboration.”

vCom has created a number of engagement programs including vCom Ambassadors, a rewards and recognition program that includes feedback from customers, managers, and peers; Club vCom, an offsite that recognizes the accomplishments of the employees; and an Employee Summit with a “Golden Globes” style awards ceremony. Additionally, vCom provides a flexible work environment, coordinates community service programs, hosts company socials, and constantly solicits feedback from its employees on how to make vCom a better place to work.

“It’s a privilege as a business owner to experience the camaraderie and connection that the vCom family shares,’ says Gary Storm, CEO. “Being recognized in this award for seven years in a row, despite our enormous growth, is a tremendous accomplishment and a testament to the commitment of the entire team.”

The team at vCom refers to themselves as a family – and it’s not just lip service. “People here genuinely care for each other,” shares Jenifer Frey, VP Customer Experience. “I’ve seen team members go out of their way to help each other, which really speaks to their commitment to the team, the company, and our customers.” This attitude carries over into customer interactions and contributes to vCom’s extremely high customer satisfaction levels.

Learn more about the vCom Solutions team here.

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