vManager 11 Release Notes

Today we released vManager 11 with the following exciting features:

  • Dashboard Redesign – a new, customizable Dashboard module in vManager gives users control of which metrics to display that are most valuable to them. Unique information can be displayed based on individual preferences and roles– delivering relevant and actionable insights.
  • Improved vManager Ribbon Menu – better icons on the Main Menu and we’ve removed some verbiage the was redundant for an improved user experience
  • New Search Feature – a new, global Search functionality now allows users to get access to information they need faster than ever before. Customers can search the platform for Orders, Inventory, Tickets & Locations and more.
  • Improved Shop & Buy Experience – an upgraded online store for IT services and products offers a streamlined experience for better sorting and filtering within the pricing catalogue.
  • vCom University – the refined educational resource center highlights pertinent content related to business needs. Module-by-module videos and solutions focused topics are featured to help customers navigate the evolving software platform.
  • Automatic Alerts for Contracts – the useful feature helps customers gain transparency and time with a clear line of sight into their contract terms, end-dates and opportunities to re-negotiate. Users receive monthly email notifications before contracts are up for renewal in 120 days or less.

Dashboard Redesign

Users can now customize the dashboard to their own needs.  For example, they can change the “Panels” that are displayed and even select which metrics they want in each Panel.  Additionally, they can chose which Panels to display and their location.  This new feature is a little difficult to describe as it requires dragging and dropping – here is a video you can review to learn all of the features.

Below is the “default” dashboard:

The far left panels are not customizable.  The top left panel changes content dynamically.

To move a panel, click and drag the icon and drag the panel to your desired location.

To change a Panel, click on the icon.  Two options are displayed – Change Panel and Configure Panel as shown below:

Change Panel

Changing a Panel lets you choose  another Panel.  When this option is selected, you will be given a list of other panels to choose from as shown below:

Configure Panel

Choosing the “Configure Panel” option, allows you to choose which metrics are available on the Panel by dragging and dropping the desired metric into the Panel as shown below:

There are only 4 metrics to be displayed on a given Panel, so users should remove one to add a different metric. Available options are on the left, what is currently configured is available on the right.

Percent Of Spend Under Management Panel

In this panel we have a chart showing the Percent of Spend Under Management for the customer.

Clicking on the number will display another chart in a popup that displays their spend by Category as shown below:

The “Total Addressable IT Spend” value comes from the sum of the Network, Collaboration and Mobile Spend values as listed in iPath. SUM is the last month’s spend of all invoices loaded into vManager.

Improved Ribbon

The vManager Ribbon has been updated with new logos that are more “descriptive”.  Additionally we’ve renamed a number of the modules to remove redundancy (e.g. “Management”) for a better visual experience.

Global Search

We’ve added a new Global Search.  Users can perform searches across Inventory, Tickets, Orders and Locations.  Users can enter Inventory names, Order or Ticket Numbers, Reference Numbers, Location Names etc.

To access the new Search feature, click on the “Search” icon in the upper-right corner:

Doing so will present a search box, enter your search term and the search process will begin with a progress bar:

When the search is complete a list of Inventory, Tickets, Orders and Locations will be displayed.  Clicking on icons will take you directly to those items on the Search page.

Improved Shop & Buy Filtering

We greatly improved the Shop / Buy filtering process by not pre-selecting the options that were previously selected.  Now, when the Price Requests are loaded, we don’t display any Quotes.  Users will filter down the total quotes by selecting the options they want and then “Applying” the filters.

Additionally we’ve added Counts to each filter, so users know that Quotes are available to view.

And finally, we’ve moved the filters to the top of the page for more real-estate.

Below is an example:

As users click into the various filters (for example, Carrier) the other filter counts (Term, Bandwidth Cable Speed etc.) are dynamically updated.

vCom University Updated To New Platform

We’ve re-built vCom U from the ground up onto a Content Management System.  This allows for much more rapid, real-time updates so our SAT Team can make updates quickly  and eliminates their reliance on IT.  As they continue to grow this module of vManager out, they will be including additional content such as Training Videos and other relevant content.

Push Notifications For Contract End Dates

We’ve released a new feature that will notify customers of when their Services are coming up for Renewal.  In this feature, those users that are Service Order Approvers, will receive a monthly email listing all services that are coming up for contract renewal within the next 120 days or are off-contract.  This is a great feature to let our customers and our Account Team keep on track of what’s  coming (or is) off-contract.

Below is a sample email: