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The 12.1 release of vManager features a number of key enhancements that enable teams to work smarter from any location.

vManager 12.1 expands corporate visibility into the six key areas of IT spend — Network, Mobile, Collaboration, Cloud, Hardware, and SaaS — and improves both self-service and reporting capabilities across the platform. In support of mobile management functionality made available in the previous release, vManager 12.1 includes feature enhancements that provide users with additional flexibility around device portability and upgrades, as well as increased capabilities around usage reporting and notifications.

Key capabilities and enhancements within vManager 12.1 include:

  • vCom Program Health Report Menu – Activity interaction report statistics are pre-populated in a dashboard to provide clients with instant real-time visibility into their ongoing vCom initiatives. The Health Report dashboard details at-a-glance information on the number of vManager users, current/past Solution Design projects, Sourcing price requests, Contracts being managed or up for renewal, Orders opened/closed, current numbers of Assets managed in inventory, Service & Support trouble tickets opened/closed, the number of Invoices and those processed through Accounting, and details on available reports and Analytics.


  • Mobility Updates
    • Buddy Upgrades – Clients can use an available device upgrade to upgrade any mobile device on the same account. This flexibility enables organizations to use upgrades strategically and save on device costs.
    • Transfer of Line – Numbers can be ported to new accounts outside of company management. This allows employees who are leaving an organization to take their existing mobile phone number with them.
    • Move to Different Carrier – Clients can change the servicing carrier of any number, enabling clients to easily switch carriers while keeping the line under corporate management.
    • Usage Alert Groups – New workflows can be created based on usage types (data/text/voice/international) that notify users and their managers via SMS or email when usage hits a specific threshold, e.g. 75% of minutes available.
    • Flip Flop Order – Clients can now swap devices between two different line numbers, enabling the exchange of devices from one person to another.
    • Payments tab – Payment transactions were added to the mobile tab so that users have an accurate view not only of their mobile invoices but what has been paid.


  • Reporting Updates:
    • Upgrades Not ActivatedNew report allows clients to see any mobile device upgrade orders that have been completed but not activated.


  • Unbilled Usage Summary – Now includes a risk analysis tool that sets up a notification when the user is close to going over the limits on their plan.

vCom’s powerful software and expert services saves time, money, and sanity for IT teams of all sizes.


Activity reporting dashboard includes real-time information including:

  • Number of vManager users
  • Sourcing price requests
  • Contract managed/renewing
  • Open/Closed orders
  • Number of Invoices
  • Invoice processed through Accounting
  • Available reports


Many enhancements to vManager’s Mobile capabilities including features and functionality to enable:

  • Buddy upgrades
  • Transfer of lines
  • Move to different carrier
  • Usage alert groups
  • Flip flop orders
  • Shipping address customization
  • Adding wearable orders to existing asset
  • Track spare/SIM orders
  • Notifications in mobile orders only
  • Custom attributes in Shop/Buy menu
  • Search for mobile device by IMEI/SIM
  • Usage alerts/Invoice notifications by device
  • View/edit usage alerts at Inventory level
  • Mobile order restrictions at user and user group level


Increased capabilities around usage reporting include:

  • Upgrades Not Activated Report
  • True Usage Report Enhancements


vManager 12.1 also features a number of administrative enhancements designed to provided additional flexibility including:

  • Populate department and assign Inventory
  • Auto populate Location Name field
  • Access to Locations tab
  • Custom Attributes menu
  • Billing Entity viewable in AP Config tool

vCom Solutions helps IT teams save time, money, and sanity. You make the decisions, vCom will take care of the details and deliver timely, actionable information.

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