Latest Features and Benefits

  • Spend Category Tabs – Access each of the six categories of IT spend—networks, mobility, collaboration, cloud, hardware, and SaaS—through its own tab for a more efficient, organized and consistent user experience. type. With one click on the appropriate spend category tab, users can access everything within that category and quickly locate specific assets.

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  • Mobile Shop/Buy – Users can now shop and compare pricing for mobile services directly from vManager. Shop live and obtain near-immediate price quotes on mobile phones, routers, accessories, etc. from various providers or request quotes through vCom’s Technology Solutions Group.

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  • AP Configuration Wizard – Users can build and customize their cost allocation and AP posting files. Previously requiring back-end help from vCom experts, users can now generate their own AP posting files and allocate based on inventory, location, cost center, etc.

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  • Pending Inventory Tool Clients are now able to choose which assets from carrier invoices are managed within vManager and enter those directly into the platform, streamlining the asset loading process and empowering users to manage it themselves.

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  • Catalog Management – Organizations can build mobile and hardware catalogs, customizing selection options based on predefined criteria.

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vCom’s powerful software and expert services saves time, money, and sanity for IT teams of all sizes.


Operations Management of Orders, Assets, and Tickets just got even easier with separate spend category tabs for increased clarity, efficiency, and ease of use.

  • Access everything within Networks, Mobile, Collaboration, Cloud, Hardware, and SaaS categories with one click on the specific category tab
  • Enables consolidated, efficient viewing of orders, inventory, and tickets
  • Find what you need faster


VManager 12 provides the ability for clients to shop and compare pricing for mobile services directly from the platform!

  • Shop for corporate mobile voice or data plans, IoT, mobile devices, accessories, and other mobile services
  • Choose from unlimited device/service options or a pre-defined catalog of selections
  • Compare pricing directly from the carriers and vCom’s pre-negotiated wholesale buyer rates


Generate and customize your own cost allocation and AP posting files to speed the payment process.

  • Easy step-by-step creation of allocations based on inventory, location, cost center, etc.
  • Apply to current invoices or backlog
  • Choose from multiple AP posting file formats


A self-service enhancement that allows customers to add inventory directly into vManager, using the asset information provided on your invoice

  • Users decide which assets to manage within the platform
  • Select assets directly from the invoice and add to inventory with a few simple clicks
  • Streamlines asset loading process


Create a self-service catalog of mobile and hardware devices, plans, and accessories available to users in the Shop/Buy Tool or via re-deployment.

  • Set the parameters of carriers, plans, options, devices, and accessories
  • Create a catalog of spare mobile devices available for reuse
  • Cataloged by model, category, depreciation interval, manufacturer, status, supplier

vCom Solutions helps IT teams save time, money, and sanity. You make the decisions, vCom will take care of the details and deliver timely, actionable information.

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