vManager 4.3 is here!

vManager 4.3 features multiple enhancements to the invoice module, new wireless expense management functionality and expanded reporting capabilities. Click on the video player to watch a demonstration of the new features.

In the invoice module, vManager now features an improved user interface and navigation, highlighting key information and providing more detailed data with fewer clicks. Report improvements include a new printer-friendly report of corporate charges by wireless account.

To improve accountability of individual wireless account owners, the wireless module now produces a monthly report which is pushed out to individual employees showing how much their wireless usage is costing the company.

The vManager 4.3 release also features a number of new reports related to wireless expense management including wireless charges by cost center, which drills down to a detail-level table that displays all the allocations for the selected cost center number. The wireless picture/video report trends picture and video usage over the last 12 months with detail down to the employee name and cost center. The new wireless usage by employee and wireless spend by employee reports provide charge details by employee down to the call detail records.

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