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Business technology is at its best when it allows us flexibility and gives us what we need no matter where we are. What’s the point of carrying around these pocket-sized computers if they don’t make your life a tad easier?

Case in point: the vManager Mobile App 7.0.

From the beginning, the idea was to provide our clients with a way to make the functionality of vManager available to users anywhere, at any time, no matter where they were in the world.

If the last few months have proven anything, it’s that flexibility is now a key component of HOW people work. Coronavirus effectively ended any lingering pre-conceptions about the 9-5 mandate. In the face of so much change, today’s workforce has shown itself to be remarkably adaptive and, when provided with the proper tools and technology, can be even more productive outside the office, than with the traditional four walls.

Tools like the vManager Mobile app support this kind of critical shift in the business environment by bringing productivity-enhancing flexibility to IT managers. This latest version of the app (on both iPhone and Android) builds upon the on-the-go capabilities introduced in previous versions by bringing mobile to mobile; vManager users can now access all of their mobile IT spend data directly from the app. That including monitoring costs, tracking assets, and being able to place, approve, and locate orders and tickets

This latest version also leverages enhancements from vCom’s most recent vManager 12 software platform to streamline navigation and improve usability, including the ability to filter collective inventory by spend category—Networks, Mobile, Collaboration, Cloud, Hardware, SaaS—making it easier to locate specific assets. Additional filtering capabilities allow assets to be further sorted by location, device type, carrier type, etc., depending on type of asset.

There are a host of additional enhancements as well, many made at the behest of our clients themselves:

  • Improved navigation and usability with a redesigned landing page and a menu of options that enables users to move quickly and efficiently navigate around the app
  • Spend category buttons added to the Operations menus (Orders, Assets, and Tickets) to filter data by the specific spend category
  • Users can now see order numbers and dates prior to drilling into the specific order itself
  • Additional sorting and filtering options are available to find the inventory
  • Improved ticket management for mobile assets

The vCom team fully understands and appreciates the need for flexibility in the workplace; our employees live and work across the four corners of our country. We’ve brought our experience and insight into this latest release to provide vManager access that goes where you go.

vManager Mobile App 7 is available to vCom clients with valid vManager login credentials and is available for download on the App Store, and Google Play.