vManager Release Features Enhanced Communications Expense Management Capabilities

July 22, 2015


vCom Solutions, the leader in Communications Lifecycle Management, announced today the release of the latest version of its cloud-based software, vManager 6.1, featuring several key enhancements designed to improve user experience and deliver increased control and visibility into an organization’s communications environment. With a 96% customer satisfaction rating in a recent national customer survey, and a 6-year history of over 90% in customer satisfaction, vManager continues to provide customers with unparalleled visibility and control of their communications spend and inventory. vManager is available across multiple browsers, anywhere, any time, and as an application on iOS and Android platforms. Combined with vCom’s professional services and as an important element of vSuite, vCom’s comprehensive communication lifecycle management portfolio, vManager enables customers to streamline operations, and dramatically reduce the total cost of communications.

Key elements of the vManager 6.1 release include

  • Ad Hoc Reporting provides customizable Inventory, Orders, and Billing reports which can be regularly delivered to multiple recipients.
  • Invoice Workflow improvements enable users to specify email recipients for notifications of invoice workflow completion and invoice approvals.
  • AP Push Notifications will email the status of the AP Posting file once generated.
  • Support Module updates include additional information for customers about their support team.
  • Two Factor Authentication provides even higher level of security for organizations with more stringent corporate security policies.
  • Invoice Location View includes the iBiller account number associated with that location.
  • Invoice Workflow and Reporting continue to be areas of great impact for vManager users, providing efficiencies and business intelligence enabling customers to realize greater visibility and control of their communications environment, while delivering both hard and soft cost savings.

    Invoice workflow enables efficient management of the entire invoice approval process. Version 6.1 features a “clarification” option which allows approvers to request additional information at specific points along the approval process workflow. It also includes the ability for email scheduling and recipient selection capabilities for reminders and notifications. “Streamlining and enhancing the invoice management process relieves the burden on finance teams and invoice approvers, and speeds the approval process, which in turn helps prevent late payments and related charges,” says Adam Shawley, vCom’s CIO.

    Ad hoc reporting provides the next level of business intelligence to vCom customers. “We know our customers rely on the data we provide to help them make better business decisions,” says Bhanu Anukonda, VP of Product Development. “Enabling our customers to create ad hoc reports empowers them to more easily get the right data they need to answer their business questions.” The new ad hoc reporting module enables customers to build custom and user-specific Inventory, Charge or Order reports. Those reports can be scheduled to automatically run on a regular basis, and can be scheduled to email one or multiple users in customized layouts, or exported for further analysis. “Ad hoc reporting complements other business intelligence tools available in vManager and is yet another method for us to simplify the communications management process for IT or Finance professionals whose time is already over-taxed,” says Anukonda.

    About vCom Solutions
    vCom Solutions revolutionizes the way enterprises manage their entire communications lifecycle. vCom customers gain control over inventory, expenses and carrier relationships, achieving better business intelligence that drives profitability. vCom’s communications lifecycle management solution, vSuite, is an integrated offering for managing fixed, mobile and collaboration technologies, leveraging on-demand cloud-based telecom management software tools, complemented by a full portfolio of professional services.

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