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Building a Business Case for TEM

This white paper provides the tools you’ll need to show your organization that implementing TEM will bring sustainable expense reduction, drastically improved efficiency, and a breakthrough in visibility.

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Seven Key Performance Indicators for Business Transformation

Turn telecom from a cost center into a strategic business driver by implementing these KPIs recommended by the telecom management industry experts at AOTMP. This paper included benchmark data by industry, so that you can compare your KPIs to your peers.

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Telecom Management Best Practices: Sourcing

In this executive briefing you will learn six steps to succeed at telecom sourcing, including considerations in selecting the carrier, key quality factors to evaluate, and key provisions you need in every contract.

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The Undisputed Guide to Telecom Management Bliss

You’ve signed a Telecom Management Agreement with vCom Solutions. Now what?

This document explains the five key steps to converting to the vCom service and your final destination - telecom management bliss.

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Mid-Market Telecom Expense Management Trends: Survey Results Benchmarking your Communications Management

How are your peers dealing with the growing complexity of wireline and wireless network services? Learn what initiatives other organizations are undertaking, and benchmark your efforts and results to see how they stack up. This research report shares the results of a recent survey of IT Managers and Executives by CCMI, the Center of Communication Management Information.

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Mid-Market Demands for Telecom Lifecycle Management: Taking Control of Communications Costs

Have your communication costs become an increasing part of operation expenses? Does your team spend an inordinate amount of time dealing with communications vendors? You are not alone. Retake control with survey results and analysis from the Aberdeen Group.

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Telecom Management in the Cloud: Five Criteria for Evaluating Telecom Management Tools

As employees and customers demand better and more ways to communicate, many companies are spending increased money and resources managing their telecommunications. If you are considering a telecom management tool to bring order back from chaos, this briefing is for you.

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Shining a Light Into the Shadows of Telecom and Wireless Expenses: How to Obtain Telecom Expense Business Intelligence

TLM and WEM are new to all but the largest law firms, and they constitute a dramatic shift in how telecom is managed. They will surely be required tools in the CIO’s arsenal in the next decade, providing the business intelligence to drive control, savings and competitiveness.

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The Dimensions of Telecom Lifecycle Management: Are you Effectively Managing a Key Business Expense?

Discover the seven required elements to enable total telecom environment management.

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Network Infrastructure Management for the Electronic Health Record

Learn how two leading health care organizations deployed and managed a Wide Area Network infrastructure to support their EHR initiatives.

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AOTMP Insider’s Guide: Maximizing the Value of Telecom Expense Management for the Middle Market

Businesses adopt telecom expense management programs to gain visibility into telecom goods, services, and charges. The goals are to reduce costs, optimize spend, and gain control. But how much value can SMBs expect to achieve?

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Ask the Right Questions: How to Control Communications Expenses

As communication services become increasingly more important to productivity and competitiveness, the cost of telecommunications are rising. Are you straining to administer your telecom resources effectively?

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Prior to joining vCom, Audrey was the Chief Marketing Officer of Energy Recovery Inc (NASDAQ: ERII) from 2012-2015 and its VP of Marketing, joining the company as a small start-up organization in 2005. During her tenure, she led the global marketing strategies, built a disruptive global brand by growing revenue 5-fold from $10M to $50M, increased market share from 20% to 90% and completed an IPO. Audrey positioned the company for further growth by uncovering new applications – taking the company from $50M to $5B worth of addressable markets. She has championed product development in cross-functional teams with R&D, engineering and production to successfully launch new products globally.

As a result of building a strong brand, communications and culture, her work received 4 global industry awards in single year by Institute of Engineering and Innovation (IET). She was also recognized as an Innovation Finalist of the Year. Audrey served as a Board member of a non-profit, developed and promoted STEM programs and led philanthropic efforts for low-income families. She holds an MBA from Pepperdine University and a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from Michigan State University.