How to Gain Industry-Leading Vendor Terms Through Aggregation with QuantumShift

We’ve all heard the word “aggregate,” but what does it really mean? At QuantumShiftTM by vCom, it means we have a vast array of wholesale purchasing power with our network of 100+ vendors, carriers, and partners. That purchasing power begins with the integrity of the contract, but not all contracts are rooted in great beginnings. So, we take aggregation a step further by normalizing a set of terms and conditions that provide our customers with the greatest amount of flexibility, negotiating key conditions so we can offer great partner agreements.

  • Portability Options: This allows us to move or replace a service without early termination liabilities (ETL) when a customer faces an unexpected location move or business downturn. QuantumShift is able to pass this term onto our customers when required, enabling us to move spend across customers and/or locations with no penalty, which is something that a single customer couldn’t do on their own. No ETL = happy customer!
  • Evergreen Clauses: While it’s fine for an underlying agreement to be evergreen (meaning, it renews after the initial term), we always try to ensure that the services governed by the agreement do not automatically renew for a subsequent term. This benefits customers in multiple ways; as both technology and pricing evolve, we want to be able to extend the flexibility of exploring options at the end of a service term without being tied to a service for multiple years. Customers can then make the choice between replacing the existing technology, reterming the existing technology (possibly at a lower price), or having the flexibility of a month-to-month term for a modest increase.
  • Flexibility with ETLs: Some of our agreements have options in the event of early service termination…a “just in case” should we ever need to exercise the option. For example, instead of paying 100% of the remaining months in a service term, in some agreements we’ve successfully negotiated a reduced percentage after the first year of service is fulfilled. This negotiating power translates to savings for a customer in the event of unforeseen service discontinuance and is something most average customers wouldn’t be able to secure on their own.

These are just three great examples of how QuantumShift’s aggregated terms and conditions feed into aggregated purchasing power and translate into greater flexibility and options for our customers. We work behind the scenes on contracts, so our customers don’t have to, returning back their valuable time and money.