Pay, allocate, and analyze all your IT expenses.

In depth asset insights and information at your fingertips.

vManager makes it easy to streamline the labor-intensive process of managing and paying invoices. A complete view of assets, status, and spend plus comprehensive analytics drive better decision making.

IT Expense Management

IT expense management: vManager invoice management

Invoice Management

A single portal for every invoice across technologies, vendors, and locations.

  • No matter the vendor or technology, all invoices are audited for accuracy and normalized to remove confusing jargon, so you know you’re paying the right amount for the right service.

  • Automated invoice workflow makes approvals a breeze. No more paper invoices to keep track of.

  • Managed Pay lets you automatically send payments to vendors on a schedule you define.
IT expense management: vManager accounting


Simplify time-consuming cost allocation and gain true cost understanding of every asset.

  • Automate GL coding and custom cost allocations to eliminate the tedious and error-ridden process of manual entry

  • Batching AP posting files saves 3-5 minutes per invoice

  • Track budget against actuals for greater visibility
IT expense management: vManager analytics


Everything you need to drill into IT spend to spot patterns and challenges to make better decisions.

  • Drill into a 100+ report library or create your own with our ad-hoc reporting engine

  • View at-a-glance spend details via an comprehensive 13-month trend history by product, carrier, location, and more.

  • Customizable dashboard for at-a-glance understanding of your environment

Manage your technology with certainty

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