Braindrop is the digital transformation podcast from vCom, the leader in IT Spend & Lifecycle Management. Each episode features a different topic designed to promote ideas and solutions to the ever-evolving tech space. To listen to podcast, click the episode below, or listen on one of your favorite platforms:

We discuss how business needs are changing due to the current global health crises and how this experience will shape future IT strategies. Featuring guests: Beth Miller, Molly French, Rachael Youngman, and Rich Zirk.


Changing Landscape

What is SD-WAN and how can it help your business operate more efficiently? Kris Shankar explains all you need to know about implementing SD-WAN to increase business productivity while saving money.

UCaaS and CCaaS

Chad O’Donnell discusses UCaaS and CCaaS and how they’re major game changers for businesses.

Vendor Gaps

Brendan Sasich discusses identifying the gaps between what a carrier delivers and what an organization really needs to ensure they manage the entire lifecycle of their communications.

The State of Legal IT

How are IT needs shifting in the legal space? Beth Miller discusses the current changes in legal IT and how firms need to embrace these changes to stay in the game.

Is TEM Enough?

Is TEM enough? We discuss telecom expense management with Rachael Youngman and talk about why its important to go beyond TEM in order to gain complete visibility into your IT spend.

The State of Finance IT

Banks & credit unions have had to make adjustments to their technology to serve their customers in new ways as a result of the pandemic. Molly French discusses how they’re meeting the challenge.

Why Culture Matters

Company culture – what is it and how can it make or break a company’s success? Rekha Venuthurupalli discusses the critical role a strong company culture plays in keeping companies strong and connected.

Working from Home

What does the new normal look like for you? For many, it means working from home instead of at an office. Randy Sullivan shares tips on how to stay focused while working from home, juggling family responsibilities, and how to keep your life balanced.

Mobile optimizations

Brandon Hampton discusses the need to modernize the approach to optimizing mobile bills to save big and stop wasting unnecessary spending on mobile plans.