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Q1 2023 Newsletter

Letter from the COO

Sameer Hilal

It’s hard to believe that the first quarter of 2023 is almost over, and spring is upon us. It’s also been a year since we launched the QuantumShift brand, to help drive awareness and further differentiate our Buyers’ Club solution from our other IT Spend Management Solutions and Products. During that time, our team worked diligently to enhance our customers’ experience and showcase QuantumShift’s added benefits of Aggregation, Consolidation, Normalization, and Integration. Being in IT, we’re always trying to find an acronym for everything, including those 4 QuantumShift benefits. We don’t like the sound of ACNI, and ICAN seems a bit gimmicky; so, we will continue to spell them out for the time being.

Previous Issues

We are excited to announce the fruits of some of the work that our team has been engaged with over the past few months:

  • In January, we launched a New QuantumShift Customer Care Team. This team consists of:
    • Dedicated QuantumShift Customer Care Managers (CCMs) who are helping customers with all things QuantumShift-related, from handling basic billing inquiries, to addressing Moves, Adds, Changes, and Disconnects. The QuantumShift CCMs will work closely with vCom’s Customer Success Managers as well as our technology-focused Account Managers to effectively support customers.
    • The Care Team also includes Dedicated QuantumShift Pricing Analysts who work closely with the Account Team and with service providers to drive pricing negotiations, in addition to acting as subject matter experts around qualifying the right solutions for customers.
  • We also added a slew of new technologies and products to manage on behalf of our customers that include additional POTS replacement solutions from AT&T and Granite, to further bolster our POTS solution.
  • We also negotiated with both AT&T and Verizon to enhance our robust mobile offerings.

We firmly believe that vCom’s suite of IT spend management solutions is optimally designed to help give our customers the precious values of time, information and savings. Now more than ever, those scarce resources are critical to any company’s success. Our goal at QuantumShift is to continue to maximize those values for our customers, leaning into our 21-year track record of service, while focusing on building new creative solutions and bundles that help address our customers’ business needs and enable them to compete effectively.

What is Happening with the Retirement of Copper Services?

Carriers have been transitioning their networks off TDM and Copper-Based technologies for the past couple of years, as they retire those networks in favor of newer technologies. As of August 2022, carriers are no longer required to support copper networks. How will these changes impact you and how can QuantumShift help?

The Power of Integration

QuantumShift provides a unique integration with vManager across the 9 modules of the IT Lifecycle. Get under the hood to learn how to take advantage of that integration!  


SD-WAN/SASE + QuantumShift = An Ideal Match?

The accelerating shift towards cloud and SaaS, coupled with the exponential growth of affordable internet connectivity, has paved the way for SD-WAN/SASE. QuantumShift uniquely helps customers by deploying solutions from the top 3 SD-WAN providers, while aggregating and consolidating the disparate WAN connectivity options, from Procurement through Payment!

Success Story: Norma Group

Norma Group underwent a global implementation of SD-WAN across 23 countries. With the help of QuantumShift, Norma Group was able to design a high-availability solution, with unparalleled visibility into and control over their complex environment.