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Q1 2024 Newsletter

Letter from the COO

Sameer Hilal

2024 is underway at a pace akin to an experienced skier on a double black diamond run.

Our charter in 2023 was simple: How do we make QuantumShift easier to do business with, especially for our customers? We expanded the portfolio of services we manage with new providers and technologies, to provide an even greater value of Consolidation. We worked with providers not only to negotiate better aggregated pricing and terms; but to also enhance existing offerings. From simplifying pooling of mobile plans, to adding security and cost control features to reduce spend. 

We added a dedicated Customer Care team focused exclusively on supporting customers with all things QuantumShift, from Moves /Adds /Changes /Disconnects, to billing and “how-to” inquiries. And with vManager 16, we worked with the vCom software development team to introduce “My Marketplace” to provide customers easy shopping access using their custom-negotiated contract rates.

A few of these highlights are mentioned in more details in this newsletter.

This year, we are doubling down, and taking the Easy button to the next level!

  1. New Providers – We have identified and will be actively adding a slew of new providers and technologies in Network, Mobile, Hardware, Collaboration and SaaS. 
  2. Product Bundles – We will be introducing new product bundles that streamline the decision-making process when it comes to combining Network bandwidth with fault tolerance, traffic optimization, security and proactive monitoring.
  3. POTS Management as a Service – We are augmenting the team with dedicated product experts and launching a streamlined POTS transformation offering we call POTS Management as a Service (PMaaS) that enables customers to easily convert POTS spend under our consolidated platform, assess line use and need, and when ready, cancel unused services or migrate them to newer and more affordable technologies.
  4. Automation – We are working closely with several providers to implement API integration that automate the process from quote to invoice, to reduce human error and expedite order processing timelines.
  5. AI & RPA – We are working with our Software Development team to leverage AI and RPA to fully automate the circuit contract renewal or replacement process, to arm customers with better data to enhance the decision-making experience.
  6. Experts – We are also adding additional dedicated technical experts to help customers with needs assessment, solution design and project scope of work.

This year, we are also committing to communicating more frequently, keeping you posted on our progress in multiple ways as we make headway on these initiatives, and work hard throughout the year to ensure that QuantumShift is your partner of choice for easy IT management.

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