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We'll help you write RFPs, evaluate vendors, negotiate contracts, monitor outage status, address billing issues, and more.

vCom helps with everything from order management to invoice processing, so you can focus on getting work done.

  • Supporting all technologies including Cloud, SaaS, mobile, hardware, networks, and collaboration.
  • Centralize and normalize across locations and vendors.

We're always talking with our customers to ensure we stay on top of their needs in a ever-changing IT landscape. Here's what they have to say about us.

ABD Insurance

Brent Rineck of ABD Insurance and Financial Services discusses how vCom helped them get their IT expenses under control. 

Nation's Lending

Debbie Bour from Nations Lending discusses how vCom provided the software and services she needed to gain visibility into her IT network and spend.

Northwest Farm Credit Services

Clay Morscheck of Northwest Farm Credit Services and Lawrence McBride of Farm Credit Financial Partners discuss the challenges they faced and the savings they’ve had by partnering with vCom.

The Value of Information

vCom clients discuss how the organization provides clients with the actionable data they need to make better decisions faster.

The Value of Time

Listen to customers as they explain how working with vCom saves them time.

Savings is More Than Cutting Costs

vCom customers discuss the value that vCom brings in terms of bottom line savings and shareholder value.

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