Success Story: Goodwill Indy

Reduced communication cost more than 30%

vCom worked with Goodwill Indy to transform their technology management strategy, providing better business intelligence as well as significant financial and time savings.


With a staff of only six dedicated to managing all of Goodwill Indy’s many IT and infrastructure challenges, working optimally and lean has become a priority.


The team was tasked with managing more than 20 different telco providers, a job made more difficult by the lack of consistent contact across the providers and no documentation on any of their circuits.


The lack of visibility into their telco network was a serious challenge, particularly when it came to managing service disruptions or repairs across 120 locations.

  • Small staff of six to manage IT across 120 locations.
  • 20 different telco providers and no documentation of circuits.
  • Limited visibility to address disruptions.


Goodwill of Southern & Central Indiana



Locations Under Management


Ticket Time Savings

8 hours per week

Improved Broadband


Working with vCom

The vCom team took over the management of all new service fulfillment and ownership of service tickets.

At the same time, the team began porting over more than 1,500 numbers from Verizon to T-Mobile, decommissioned expensive analog lines for faxes in favor of efax accounts, and created a centralized inventory for everything in vCom’s vManager spend management platform.

With vCom managing trouble tickets, Goodwill Indy has gained 8-hours per week and saved an estimated 20 hours per location for each store opening.

Financially, Goodwill Indy saw a savings of $76,000 in one year after switching mobile carriers. An additional $60,000 per year in liquidity was delivered back to the bottom line by migrating to an efax solution and procuring lower circuit costs through vCom’s Buyers’ Club, QuantumShift.

Our support headaches went away because vCom takes care of it and chases our tickets. And it’s easy to make decisions with that. Plus, we know that we’re going to get the best prices that we can get.

Bill Clark

VP, Information systems

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