Success Story: Nation's Lending

Supported a rapidly growing mortgage lender with only 3 IT Telecom employees scale IT for 90 branches...and reduced costs.

Founded in 2003 by two lifelong friends, Nations Lending Corp. (NLC). NLC has always been about making home loans human and seeing the individual behind the credit scores. This approach has led to massive growth and in the last few years the organization has scaled to 90 ranches. The plan is to continue to expand and ecome one of the nation’s top 10 independent lending brokers.


With only three IT employees, as the organization grew, so did the challenge of managing IT across 90 locations with different technologies, vendors, providers, contracts, and invoices for each branch—all without documentation as to how networks were originally set up and configured. Late fees were common and NLC was paying a 1% fee per invoice through a managed pay solution. In addition, inefficient, long-term contracts meant the organization continued to pay for IT infrastructure costs even after they had offloaded branches.

  • 3 IT Telecom employees managing 90 locations
  • Redundant IT payments across the organization
  • No documentation or visibility into inventory


Nation’s Lending



Locations Under Management


IT Telecom Employees


Savings Over 36 Months


Working with vCom

Soon after joining NLC, Debbie Bour, Senior IT Operations and Infrastructure Manager, began expanding the vCom relationship that had been in place before her arrival.

She quickly moved the company’s IT expenses and invoice management to vCom, leveraging the centralized vManager platform as a single source of truth for IT assets across the organization. 

Bour and her team reduced costs by migrating their telecom and data contracts to QuantumShift, vCom’s Buyers’ Club, to centralize control and take advantage of pre-negotiated pricing and eliminate late fees. This resulted in eliminating myriad invoices; there’s only one invoice, without late fees, instead of dozens for each branch.

Simultaneously, NLC engaged vCom to spearhead the RFP process for a new cloud-based communications system (UCaaS) to be used company-wide. 

vCom is the best fit for us because it allows the flexibility to scale without adding more people. Over time, it can save a department’s worth of budget and time.

Debbie Bour

Sr. IT Operations and Infrastructure Manager

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