Success Story: Norfolk Iron & Metal Group

Nortfolk Iron & Metal Group

Empowered a small IT team by unifying their network across multiple locations to gain clear visibility into IT their spend.

Norfolk Iron & Metal (NIM Group) has been a family-run company since 1908. It has remained dedicated to the consistent delivery of high-quality carbon steel products and subsequently grown to 20 locations, one of the country’s largest and most technologically advanced providers.


To unify IT services across their 20 US locations, NIM Group had signed a long-term contract with a single carrier to provide network, telecom, and internet services. The relationship began to degrade following changes in personnel and technologies, resulting in frustration from constantly shifting installation timelines and degrading customer service. In addition, their small IT team found themselves drowing in carrier-related administrative duties, juggling additional telecom providers, and managing disparate inventories via spreadsheets.

  • Locked into a contract with an unsuccessful provider
  • Overwhelming time-consuming daily administrative tasks
  • Disparate inventory on spreadsheets from 20 locations


Norfolk Iron & Metal Group





Locations Under Management


Time Savings

20 hours per week

Working with vCom

When NIM Group began working with vCom they realized they had found the service provider they’d been looking for. They teamed with vCom on an Asset Management project to identify IT inventory and load all accompanying data (location, CED, bandwidth speeds, etc.) into vCom’s vManager platform. This visibility into the NIM Group environment gave vCom the ability to proactively gather and articulate the data
NIM required to ultimately identify a new partner provider. vCom worked with NIM on a strategy to “break up” with their carrier and begin migrating services with minimal financial or technology disruption.

Further enabling the fulfillment of a primary service provider goal—time savings—is NIM’s utilization of vCom’s Managed Pay service, which significantly reduced the workload of NIM Group’s AP team.

Before you sign a long-term contract with somebody,
talk to vCom.

Jason King

VP, Information Technology

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