Success Story: US Ski & Snowboard

Kept the Winter Olympics team connected and ready

vCom worked to help solve a unique set of mobile challenges prior to the 2022 Winter Games.


Less than a year before the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, U.S. Ski & Snowboard (USSS) came to QuantumShift by vCom with a unique set of challenges. Chief among them: ensuring that 120 athletes, coaches, and support staff had full, private, affordable mobile telecom and data access during their training and events across the various Olympic venues in China in February 2022.

  • Support 120 athletes and staff while traveling abroad
  • Keep an eye on rate plans to prevent costly overages while giving users full mobile capabilities


US Ski & Snowboard


Sports team

Users Needing Support


Number of Mobile Lines


Hotspots Deployed


Working with vCom

QuantumShift implemented a BYOD strategy for the games that enabled everyone to retain their current number on their individual networks as well as maintain a second active phone number temporarily with service in China.

Pre-programmed SIM cards were sent to the team and all they had to do was switch out their cards. In addition, QuantumShift deployed 55 K5 Webbing hotspot devices pre-installed with a Webbing SIM (which works with 650 global carriers) to enable Internet connectivity anywhere in China. The portable mobile hotspot was given to half the team, enabling the athletes instant access in a country where it’s hard to find secure connectivity.

Because of QuantumShift’s integration with vCom’s vManager platform, USSS was able to leverage mobile resources to address any issues.

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